Justin Gatlin’s Girlfriend, Son and Mother


  1. June W Craft

    Dear Jusin:

    My husband was at church the day you joined Olive Baptist. We continue to watch you in your athletic sucesses. We pray for you and trust God that he will always keep his hand on you and your heart. Your Mom set in front of us that day.

    Keep making us proud of you. God will also give you many opportunities for you to witness for him.

  2. Carolin

    He cannot just start out as a level 2 oeirtwhse known as Class B Tech , it takes time, experience, and dedication and a lot of hard work.I have been a automobile technician for some 22 years working long stressful hours. If you really care about him, talk him out of being a auto tech, dealerships do not pay, and factory warranty labor rates are about half of what a customer pays, and just starting out, trust me, he will get his share of warranty work. A class C technician can expect to get roughly about 10 to 12.00 a hour depending on placement. Best bet, tell him to get his CDL, commercial drivers license and drive a tractor trailer, driver jobs are everywhere and starting pay is usually about 52,000.00 a year. Good Luck!

  3. floriano bonapart,jr.

    Hi,,,Justin Gatlin & your family. My name is Floriano, and I really idolize you as one of my best heros…I’m a micronesian……………………………………………I’m also a runner of my state…

  4. Temilade

    Hey justin,just want to tell you to keep it up.have been in support of you from the onset because I believe in you.

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