Julia Mancuso’s Boyfriend Aksel Lund Svindal


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    They announced their split back in Sept 2013,

    Julia Mancuso have written on her FB page :

    “I’ve had some amazing times with this guy! Aksel, Thank you for being such a great guy, and always a great friend. I guess the sun is setting on our time together, but I know the horizon is full of great adventures.”

    Aksel Lund Svindal wrote :

    I have known Julia for many years. The last 4 years we have shared a great relationship together. We have had the best time. But time is also a limited resource. . There is a long distance between our homes where we both live busy life. Spending enough time together has been a tough challenge and it´s difficult to see how that would change for the future. So after spending another great summer together we have decided that we want to try going our separate ways. I usually don’t share a lot from my private life, but there you go. Instead of people speculating I thought is was better to share the simple truth from a complicated situation. Ending a relationship is never fun, but I think we did this the smartest way possible. Thanks Julia, for figuring this out with me.

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