Daley Thompson’s Girlfriend Lisa Clayton and ex-Wife Patricia Quinlan


  1. Amanda Cooke

    We all know now he didn’t get to light the flame which I think was a mistake. Daley Thompson was an amazing athlete. He did GB proud. As far as I am concerned and those who actually watched him on the track, he was the greatest athlete of all time. Whoever wrote this article should not be judging him on his personal life or what he did or did not say BUT on his achievements.
    A great character, someone who wasn’t afraid to speak him mind, who pulled through a very difficult childhood and made good!
    Shame on you author.
    Actually Daley would be laughing at your article as no doubt you are the type of person who listens to gossip and reads trashy magazines about so called celebs.

  2. pixie

    how ridiculous, do your research properly before you write about someone. plus what has his personal life got to do with his professional career?

  3. Family Enclosure Man

    Thompson was indeed a peerless athlete, but that isn’t the point made by the author of this article. She is saying that he often acted like a teenage twit in public (and apparently private), which, to be honest, he often did. I’m almost exactly the same age as Thomson a admit that I could be a teenage twit myself at times, but even so I found his behaviour embarrassing at times. I’ll never forget his graceless cringeworthy performance in receiving is BBC SPOTY award. I have to say that, notwithstanding his achievements in track and field, I’m glad he didn’t get to light the flame at the Olympics. He let himself down too often in public.

  4. rebecca

    All I know is he looks gorgeous always and seems a lively person. Leave him alone haters you have achieved nothing in comparison to him.

  5. Fi

    I’m a similar age to him and I remember the amazing sports he achieved back in the day. I think some of his badly chosen frases were very common then. We don’t know how events in his private life came about but I know that men, even today, do not like feeling trapped. Such an extraordinary athlete would crave freedom. Maybe bad choices on both sides.

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