Brendan Hansen’s Wife Martha Hansen


  1. Lori

    She is as nice as she is beautiful! The entire Hansen family are the nicest, most sincere people. Yay Brendan and thanks Martha for sending him back to the pool. Hugs to Finn.

  2. Beth Mischak

    I am from Bucks County, PA (30 miles north of Phila). Channel 6 just did a great news piece on your husband. What a summer for him and you! Congratulations on the wonderful news of your pregnancy! I used to teach 6th grade at a local distrcit here (Council Rock). I am e-mail you, asking you to talk to your husband. In the channel 6 news clip, it said Brendan was interested in starting up a “swmming place” for kids. A very sad event happened at our local pool this summer. The owner, Dave Platt was diagnosed with skin cancer. He is selling our swim club! Our swim team which has over 140 families will have their last season next year (2013). Our township won’t buy the swim club. As parents, we were talking about how great it would be if someone would buy this club to keep it up and runnning. Right now Mr. Platt is planning on selling it to home developers. After seeing the news cast I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t that be awesome if Olympic winner Brendan Hansen and some investors bought our swim club and turned in into a state of the art training facility?!” If interested, e-mail me back and I will get you in touch with David Blatt, owner of Newtown Swim Club. I know if you Google his name and our swim club, you can read about our small town story. Thank you for your time. Enjoy the rest of your summer and have a wonderful school year.
    Beth Mischak

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