Bode Miller’s wife Morgan Beck pays the price when Bode Miller forgets to yell fore.


  1. Lisa

    Why would your thoughts ever be with Bode Miller? He’s a disgusting man that used the courts and his sports-star influence to take a mother’s child away from her based on the fact that she moved for college while 7 months pregnant, AFTER stating he wanted nothing to do with the boy. Thankfully, the baby was returned to the responsible parent, but not after some damage was done. Bode Miller is a disgusting human being, and Morgan will probably leave him in divorce in a few years. F that guy.

  2. ginny

    Two of the most self serving people I have ever seen.
    They both need to understand what goes around comes around.

  3. steffie

    Bode and his wife seem meant for each other: two media hungry, insecure, pathetic little people. You DON’T just decide to get another woman’s child just cause you miscarried. They both should have a ski and volleyball up their respective rears for continuing to reference Sam as the dead brother! How tormenting for the child! Hate them both.

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