Amy Purdy’s boyfriend Daniel Gale


  1. abbe phillips

    What an amazing gf. Amy was.a beautiful dancer, determined and humble. With lack of sleep after her Olympic medal win and on the dance floor in LA, was sheer will. Hope you guys return to the ‘Amazing Race’. Sure did my part to vote for AP pn dwts. Wish you both continued love and success. TRULY INSPIRING HUMAN BEING!!! [][]

  2. Martha

    Amy does more being a double amputee than most people do with two good legs
    by participating in all types of physical activities. She is an inspiration to all youth of America. To those youth who are engaged in killing, shooting, robbing, using drugs and not being a productive citizen with two good legs. Look at Amy. To all “couch potatoes” get up and do something if no more than take a glance at Amy Purdy on Dancing With the Stars each Monday nite. Kudos Amy!!

  3. ciara

    I really think Amy Purdy should date Derek Hough because they would be a wonderful couple and plus when she not feeling good or emotional he makes her smile and become happy………….my opinion

  4. Allen

    To all though who say Amy should dump daniel do you know him? The problem these so call reality show will destroy relationship.

  5. michael

    Dear Amy,
    I have voted 4 u each time on DWTS .I think Derek is a great dancer but a great choreograph too. With him u shine. I don’t have any idea about your beau Daniel , but you dance with grace& passion .
    In 1989 I too was diagnosed with meningitis same u had .I was in my prime 27 yrs old , police career fiance & with in days I lost everything. week and months passed and I too was not responding until a neurological team in Rochester Mayo clinic ‘re-examined my case . The diagnosis was Gilliam Barre’ syndrome a rare auto immune disease. It took 5 yrs of complete paralysis & rehab to return to a semi normal state . I’m not a amputate but I think I know the physical, emotional pain u must have felt. I happy for u . My hope is I can find the good in this awful disease. I have no immune system & deficits r many .
    I hope to meet a woman like u some day ,that understands the real challenge s we face daily.
    Best wishes
    Michael Gaspari 708)296-9704

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