Allyson Felix’s boyfriend Kenneth Ferguson


  1. Dave

    Saw the Piers Morgan interview tonight with Allyson Felix. She said her boyfriend was transitioning from being a professional athlete. I googled him, and looks like he hasn’t been a viable professional athlete since 2007. It also looks like he dropped out of college (South Carolina) before earning his degree. I hate to ask, but is Allyson playing sugar-mama to a man without a college degree and without a job? Hope this isn’t the case, but gotta ask since she’s so high profile and is a media darling.

  2. J

    I’ve met and spent a little time with Kenny and Alyson (I was on a bowling team with Kenny). I concede that no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors, but they are both super sweet kids and very grounded. I don’t take him for a free-loader.

  3. Alice25

    That is an interesting question Dave – in one sense it seems incredibly cruel and mean spirited to even ask something like that. On the other hand the American public has become accustomed to putting high profile athletes and coaches on pedestals as role models to emulate, only to find out we’ve been duped by the press and the individuals themselves. Additionally, many of these high profile athletes put themselves in a place to be analyzed by the public due to their endorsement deals, their professions of faith-based righteous living, their voluntary work with youth community as role-models, etc.

    Look at the coaches we’ve held in high regard over the years – Pete Carroll, Jim Tressel, Woody Hayes, Bob Knight, Joe Paterno, Trevor Graham….. the public, and especially athletes, adored and idolized these coaches until we found out the whole seedy picture.

    Look at the athletes we’ve held in high regard over the years – Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones and Tiger Woods are probably the highest profile American athletes in recent years that have captured the nation’s idealistic spirit, with a true crossover to even the everyday-Joe not interested in athletics. Look how that turned out! And even in the sport of track and field, with lower profile Olympic-level athletes who were at least role models in their niche sport and in their communities, we’ve been fooled time and time again. It seems that the age old temptations of sex, drugs, and greed are just as tempting to Olympic level athletes we put on pedestals as to the average working man/woman who put them on the pedestal.

    In the sport of track and field, look how damaging the PED use has been to the Olympic athletes who used them and the adoring fans and youth who idolized them – ( – Debbie Dunn, Crystal Cox, Jerome Young, Justin Gatlin, Antonio Pettigrew, John Capel, Chryste Gaines, Tim Montgomery, Larry Wade, Michelle Collins, Torri Edwards, Calvin Harrison, Regina Jacobs, Kelli White, Damu Cherry, to name a few.

    In the sport of track and field, look how damaging an unhealthy approach to sexuality and relationships has been to the Olympic athletes who strayed and the adoring fans who idolized them – Angelo Taylor arrested for sex with a minor (twice), Marshevet Hooker having a child out-of-wedlock with a perpetual female impregnator, Justin Gatlin having a child out-of-wedlock while professing his Christian faith, LaShawn Merritt implying that he’s going to spread his seed in the Olympic Village after his 2012 Olympic races, and numerous athletes claiming in the press and post-race interviews and social media that their faith drives their everyday life only to find out that these same athletes are living a married life in most regards without actually being married.

    It seems that one of the points that Dave’s question raises is that on the surface Allyson (and many other athletes) seem to be great role models, and it’s wonderful to have role models to look up to and try and emulate. But these athletes are human also, and flawed just like all of us, and don’t put too much faith in the public image of these athletes because we never really know the whole story. Make sure your moral grounding and true spiritual compass comes from a source which is immutable, not of man’s making.

  4. Tina

    I have met Allyson and personally know her boyfriend Ken and they are a great couple together. Ken really loves her and would do anything for her. Ken was indeed a very viable athlete who lost his father just before the 2008 olympics. He is a good kid who was raised by good hardworking parents in Detroit. He is a very humble and loving young man. A free loader he is not, he has good morales and values and has stepped up and helped his mom with his younger siblings at home after his fathers death. Not everyone wants their life played out in the media. So my suggestion is before you critise a person, know who they are and where they have been. Don’t just assume that what you read in the blogs tells you everything you need to know about that person.

  5. Shawn

    Graduating from college isn’t as grand of an accomplishment as you may believe. Many people go though that process yearly and aren’t very bright at all, but everyone going through that process are indebted financially. Don’t look down on a person because they didn’t complete the clown show that you hold dear. There are many roads to success and college isn’t the widest.

  6. Dave

    I don’t think our country’s doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, scientists, plumbers, electricians, welders, nurses, accountants, journalists, pastors, etc. would call college a clown show. Usually people who consider college a clown show are people not dedicated and disciplined enough to complete it. But you’re right, there are many paths to gaining knowledge and wisdom, and many paths to successful employment other than college (Bill Gates and Steve Jobs quit college!). Maybe Ken’s path to gaining knowledge and wisdom was competing in track and field for years, and his relatable skillset is to teach and coach. Maybe his path to gaining knowledge and wisdom was reading and studying scripture, and his relatable skillset is to preach or counsel others. This is a website dedicated to athlete’s significant others, so seems like a reasonable question — what has been his path of enlightenment, and what is his occupation?

  7. Sonja

    Yes, Dave. Kenneth has a a job, he has a contract with Nike. Kenneth left college in S.C to move to L.A where he was picked up by Nike. Kenneth and Allyson are a great couple. I admire them! One thing that I love about the both of them is that they both have stayed true to who they are. Kenneth and I went to high School together and ran track. Even to this day he calls people when he comes home to visit, you can always call him, he makes sure everyone has his number (friends). If your in L.A he offers to show you around and in the winter he brings Allyson home and they’ve gone to our old high school to talk, run & practice with the kids. They are a very spritual couple which is probably what gets them through. If you know Kenneth then you know he is a family man. He adores his mother, brother, 2 sisters and you’d probably think his nephew was his son the way he spoils him! Ken did have a rough time with the passing of his father as to be excepted but since then I think it has made him stronger. I’m all for the blogs and I only speak when I know the facts… And I know that Kenneth is just as much of a good man for Allyson as she is a good woman for Kenneth. I wish them the best and lots of really fast babies! #TeamFelix / #TeamFergie

  8. Dave

    Thanks for the info, sounds like he’s legit. It’s kinda odd how a 400m hurdler who hasn’t run under 50 seconds in the last 5 years can pull a Nike contract, but if he did more power to him.

  9. Carter

    Hey Dave, I agree with you that far too often we see public figures who turn out to be nothing like what they portray themselves to be, Sandusky being the most recent example, and I too am skeptical when people are built up so high like they are God-like….I believe it’s fair to comment when they are exposed when leading fake double life, but in regards to Allyson And Kenneth we’ve never read or heard any indiscretion about them so we should leave it at that. It’s ok to ask what he’s doing (job/future plans), but bringing up Allyson being his sugar-mama is crossing the line.they are a breath of fresh air in time of so many fallen heroes. Too Allyson and Kenneth, God Bless you and keep you.

  10. Merritt

    @Dave, Man just give it a rest. Cover the weather or something. He’s a great dude and yes his contract is legit. Stop hating and tryna dig up dirt.

  11. ricky

    i enjoy watching great athletes such as allyson, tiger, lebron etc…compete. people really need to get over the “role model” persona. these are great athletes to watch. leave it at that. they have their lives which is their own business. my role model is my mother.a single parent with four children, growing up in east new york and brownsville brooklyn. she worked two jobs, went to college and graduated with a b.a. in human services. we didn’t have much but she made sure we ate and had clothing. now that is a real role model.

  12. True fan

    I think it easy for the world to pass judgement on professional athletes. Their
    Lives are in the lime light constantly! I think we forget that they are human too,
    And make the same mistakes everyone else does, they just tend to be crucified harder.
    I’d be interested to know how most people would handle their lives bring on front street. Yes Hooker missed the olympics due to pregnancy, no matter the circumstances behind it, she chose to keep the baby. When she could have easily aborted the baby like quite a few female athletes do as a result of their “sexual choices” but she didn’t run from it, or shy away. I can only imagine how tough the decision was for her with it bring an olympic year.In fact I respect her mire because she announced it herself on facebook, which I’m sure she knew there would be back lash from. We are in no position to question her relationship with God, or her representation of God by her having a baby out of wedlock. Same with Gatlin, he didn’t run From it. He is a good father To His son, snd we saw him carry him after winning the olympic trials. Isn’t God forgiving? Isn’t he the only one that truly has the right to truly judge? Am I saying the decisions these athletes make are ok?? No not at all, but they are human beings like you and I. It’s easy to point the finger from the sideline.. That’s all i’m saying.

  13. nick jenkins

    Allison & Kenny:

    I am inspired by what you have accomplished and how you have lived your lives. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you both. Keep your “heads” to the sky!!!! Nick

  14. Suavey

    My brother known Allyson before said had a contract at 18 an he loves her very dearly an yes my brother haven’t ran since 07 he’s been injuried twice since then that’s y an yes he’s back in school an also persued beening a firefighter so no Allyson is not his suga mama I look at her as my sister . Not a enabler so Dave get it right my brother always been there for her also she’s been doing the same a relationship is fifty fifty .Yes his Nike contact is legit that’s y he left Adidas so mind your own business an really read things the right way before you start to assume things assumptions get you no where but being a hater

  15. Isaac wafula

    I envy dis couple.since i knew felix da track queen,av never enjoyed watchn athletics without watchn her.kenny u got a real jewel dat is gold coated in spirit,body n soul.visit kenya one day

  16. Trisha

    I heard Vet is pregnant again. So this makes baby number two out of wedlock with Willis McGahee. Will she ever learn. He needs to learn how to wear a condom. Better yet have him snipped. He is the biggest whore. All he does is sleep around. Sad to know Vet will be out again because of it. Hope she knows what she is doing. Good luck Vet.

  17. Anthony

    You guys are to concerned about these peoples lives just because you{the public} make these guys out to be role models ,superstars ,good people etc. because they run faster ,jump higher, or are stronger in a sport doesn’t mean they are ,that’s physical talent then people get mad when the find out that the same person that they put on a pedestal has social and or mental issues [which by the way are personal problems] Now I can say that when an athlete feeds into that junk (being put on a pedestal} its their own fault when the dirt comes out but when you(the public) dig for it and the person in question really doesn’t play into the public hoopla its the publics fault for trying to make that person into something he or she probably knew they weren’t

  18. khalil rembert

    Yea I know Kenneth personally we ran for the same track club and competed in junior Olympics together, even shared hotel room once in Illinois regional meet. He was a great person in my opinion I also have nothing bad to say about him at all and he never came off as a moocher. Dave sounds like a hater and yes his Nike contract is legit

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