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Braden Holtby's Fiancée Brandi Bodnar

05/10/2012: In the midst of a 2 month stretch on the ice that Braden Holtby will never forget, he can add some off the ice memories to this same time period. On Thursday, May 10, 2012, Braden Holtby's giancee Brandi Bodnar gave birth to the couple's first child. Holtby, 22, said that they planned the delivery for Thursday to be a minimal distraction to the team during the Eastern Conference semi-finals matchup against the New York Rangers. Benjamin Hunter Holtby was born in the DC area, as Brandi has moved there to be with Braden after her spring semester ended at school in Canada.
Congratulations to the new parents.

Raise your hand if you even knew who Braden was before the opening series of the NHL playoffs against Boston.


If you raised your hand you are either related, lying or a connoisseur of mid level AHL goaltending prospects. Truthfully, if it wasn't for injuries Braden would still be in the AHL but he is making the most with his chance (and killing Boston's nerves in the process).

Along for this incredible albeit unexpected ride is Braden's fiancée, Brandi. Well maybe not physically along for every ride up and down the East Coast, as Brandi attends school in Canada. She is also pregnant with the couple’s first child and after game 5 of the Boston series, Brandi tweeted the following out to her to-be husband:

I love you babe, but these games are getting too intense for your very preggy fiancee #contractions #preggyproblems

Brandi has been away from Braden for most of the season because of school. However, according to her twitter feed Brandi just finished her spring semester classes during the Boston series and is heading to DC to spend time with Braden. In the offseason the couple lives in Lloydminster.

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17 Responses to “Braden Holtby's Fiancée Brandi Bodnar”

  1. Steve

    Braden was 10-2 last year in DC, every Caps fan knew him long before this season. Oh and btw his name is Braden not Branden. After he wins the Cup a lot more people will know his name.

  2. Amy

    Every true Capital fan knew who Braden Holtby was before the playoffs started. We thought he was going to join the team last year before they signed Vokoun and were looking forward to it. He is an amazing goalie!!

  3. Jon

    If you followed hockey last season, you'd know Holtby. I'm a Sens fan and he wasn't news to me. Looks like his gonna be a gem.

  4. Mike

    Steve and Amy have it right. Actually, he was 10-1-1 last season. Superb. He has been amazing thus far in the playoffs and is really the reason why the Caps are still in it. No matter what happens, I think he will be joining the team full time next season, and will soon become known as one of the best net-minders in the NHL.

  5. Adrian

    She's cute and I wish them luck, but IMO he is way too young to settle down into the family man role. Live a little. Cheesh.

    Btw, he is a stellar goalie and the Caps should be thanking their lucky stars he is playing for them this year!

  6. Rokit Ron

    I watched Holtby play his first pro game for the South Carolina Stingrays of the echl.I knew then and have been telling everybody that he was the best prospect in the Caps system. Nevuith was ahead of him by a year, but his chance came. Really enjoying the ride as are all the Rays fans.we love it when one of our guys make it big. Good luck Braden and the Caps

  7. DB not from DC

    He is part of the reason they could trade Varlamov. Granted they thought Neuvy would be #1 most likely and both need a little time (why they got Vokoun. He looks great thus far. Go Caps! Need big win on Saturday night.

  8. Jay

    Im originally from detroit and have been around hockey since i was 3,,I want the caps to play well but there fans make me ill,,ive lived in dc area for 10 years and until 2 years ago i NEVER heard anyone mention hockey and now everyone is a Die hard Caps fan,,yeah right im tired of hearing it

  9. Anonymous

    Im pretty sure she was married to some guy in Canada someone should probley check on that

  10. Nattie

    I knew who he was before. He's nice to look at but a huge douche. Has an appetite for puck sluts.

  11. Anonymous

    Haha Brandi has never been married, to anyone in Canada or anywhere else!

  12. anonymous

    New someone who went to high school with him and brandi heard she was trying to get ovechkins number from him at the bar lol bradens he's a big square.

  13. Caps/Bears/Rays Fan

    Raise your hand if you don't pay attention to hockey, idiot. Holtby has been on NHL fans radar since he blew up in the ECHL. He was hot as starter in Hershey after his promotion and had a fantastic start to his NHL career in Washington in 2010-2011 season. He's the future of goal tending for the CAPS. Get your facts straight.

  14. Bob

    Just curious as to where you are from. I played hockey with some bodnar boys years ago from Paradise Hill Sask. there was Kim, Jan, and Scott. Are you part of that group.

  15. Someone

    Be nice to them. They are an amazing couple. Know both of them personally and they are a great couple. They are happy and neither was married before. Brandi is a great girl and stands by her man. Braden is far from a douche, one of the nicest guys I have ever met.

  16. Danielle

    Hershey Bears fans fully know who Holtby is, without question.

  17. Will

    I knew holtby from when he played for the saskatoon blades where i grew up watching him he was an amazing goalie in stoon and is an amazing goalie in washington. My fave player along with green