Ryan Kesler’s wife Andrea Kesler


  1. Erin

    The Keslers have no dogs whatsoever in Vancouver. And she’s a total sweetheart. Perfect for Ryan.

  2. Friend of Kes

    LoL. He is very happly married. And spend his offseason in a very nice home twenty miles north of his hometown of Livonia. Where this post is comming from. Go Churchill!!!

  3. JLu

    She is beautiful……..all you haters are just jealous! Andrea….they are just girls wishing they had your life. You look so happy together and have a beautiful family.

    Kesler Fans!!!!

  4. notahockeyfan

    You people are cruel. She is the beautiful mother of his children. We teach our kids not to bully and yet grown women come on here and say such hurtful things about someone you don’t even know. Shame on you.

  5. Anonymous

    These pictures might not do her justice though I believe she’s beautiful just the same. I work at this bank firm thing where a lot of the Canucks are clients. Kesler and his wife regularly go there…she is totally amazing and beautiful in person! Wonderful family…their kids are freaking adorable.

  6. TomD

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about. I’m not even a fan of blondes but I think that she’s pretty good looking

  7. Nicole

    The thing is that she is maybe not too photogenic so not to be mistaken for not being good looking. I think she is cute and they look adorable together

  8. Curt

    Just great people. They are down to earth and very nice. Even if Ryan wasn’t famous I would still love to hang out with them because they are alot of fun.

  9. Curt

    I met both Andrea and Ryan this past summer and are both down to earth and very nice. People just need to remember they need their privacy.

  10. lwards

    My hats off to the hard working wives of the Canucks. They raise children, deal with long absences and ridiculous criticism, and still manage to give to the community. It takes a strong woman to do such a thing. I was really impressed with the volunteering they do and the compassion they show the less fortunate. Way to go Andrea!

  11. Anastacia

    All you haters buck off. All you are is JEALOUS. MOST CHICJS THINK THEY EILL KAND A HOCKEY PLAYER GET KNOCKED UP DEAL IS DONE. NOT!!! Andrea you are beautiful because you have natural beauty that never ever goes away. Best of luck to you and Ryan and the kiddies.

  12. Anonymous

    FINALLY! a guy who picks a naturally pretty girl who looks lovely and doesn’t seem like she belongs on the cover of Sports Illustrated! What a down to earth couple.

  13. debbie nguyen

    I love Ryan . I pray that he won’t go no where . I hope those stupid rich people won’t trade him like the way how they have done to luongo

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