Roberto Luongo’s wife Gina Luongo


  1. Gary

    Hello Gina, We miss seeing you at Panther’s games. I am the Gary that said: “Get one of the Panther’s to ask you out, you need a hockey guy. You know who it is. We miss you. No, she is not a b*tch. She is great.

  2. Steve

    Hi Gina: I am sure you do not remember me but I am the guy that sort of rescued you a long time ago when your car broke down on Coral Ridge Drive. I think you were still a teenager at the time. I let you use my phone at my condo adjacent to where you broke down. I have been going to Pizza Time since 1980. I know your Dad, Bobby very well. He actually remembers the incident and brings it up sometimes when I see him in Boca. Anyway, just a little trip down memory lane. I saw that Roberto may be coming back to the Panthers which made me think of you and that time. -Steve Fier , Coral Springs

  3. chance

    im a really big fan plz stay for the fans in vancouver plz i will miss you so much that ill KILL MYSELF plz stay

  4. Seymour

    She’s lovely. I just wish we’d see more of her in the stands supporting Lou! I’m sure it is just a nasty rumor that she hates Vancouver. Who could hate Vancouver? ❤Lou!!!

  5. Josephrivera

    Hey Gina,

    Just an old friend.. I’m so happy to see you
    Happy a and married with 2 beautiful kids.
    I don’t really follow hockey, however I hope
    Your husband kicks but where ever you both
    Reside. Anyways I hope this is a blast from the
    Past. I hope this message brings a smile to your

  6. The Truth

    By far, Mrs. Luongo is the most elegant & attractive ‘sports wife’ that these eyes of mine have ever seen. Go Habs Go!!! 8D

  7. Vancouverite

    Who needs you Lou. You have been acting like a big baby these past few years. Enjoy while you can….hockey careers don’t last forever.

  8. Richard Bell

    Iadmire and really respect “Lou” he’s awesome and waaay to good for the canuuks! They don’t deserve him don’t appreciate all he’s done for them! I am thrilled that this beautiful couple is back in Florida!! They have a gorgeous home two beautiful kids who wouldn’t be happy for him!?! A jealous idiot who wishes he was half the man that Lou is!! Best of luck to this lovely family ,no doubt you’re thrilled to be going to FLA. Enjoy be watching for your “one of a kind” tweets!!
    Richard and Nikki, Calgary, AB

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