Raffi Torres’ Wife Gianna Santeramo-Torres


  1. Anonymous

    he said he would rather his wife and new baby stay home for a month, not in a hotel with him. Not during a hockey season. during a trade

  2. Anonymous

    She married him cause he is absolutely amazing. He is a family man with very good morals and values which is something that alot of men do not have in these days.
    I think she is a very lucky lady.

  3. Anonymous

    ^^ He may be a good family man, couldn’t tell you for sure. What I do know is that he is an utter disgrace to professional hockey and sports in general. A genuine scumbag on the ice. With his lack of skill he resorts to cheap shots and injuring other players. He doesn’t belong in the NHL, absolute garbage of a hockey player.

  4. anonymous

    Raffi happens to be a great hockey player and an even better father and husband. He plays the game like the rules are written, he does his job and he does it well. People get hurt in hockey. All of the time. There were mistakes made and people need to get over it. There have been much worse hits than he has ever done and people over look them. He handles himself in a professional way and takes responsibility for the things he does. Anyone who says otherwise needs to look up the rules of the game.

  5. Anonymous

    Actually, Raffi is an amazing husband, father, and person.. You have no place to judge him based solely on the things that you have only heard. Sure, you may think that he is a “genuine scumbag” and lacks skill, but if he did not belong in the NHL then he would not be playing in the NHL like he is doing right now. He is only doing the job that he is being paid to do.

  6. Maria

    I like Raffi Torres!! I couldn’t wait until he could play again this season. Torres plays the sport he loves. Hard and aggressive. I’m glad that I got to watch him get his first goal of the season. I’m glad that he’s on my team!! The Coyotes and fans are glad to have him back.

  7. Anonymous

    If he was such a great hockey player he would still be with Phoenix. Fortunately there are still some people in the NHL with a brain in their head and realize he is just a huge liability. I just wish I could get him in the cage for a ‘real’ fight… he wouldn’t last 30 seconds. What a joke. I hate those guys that think they are tough just because they take cheap shots… I would be looking him right in the eyes as I wiped up the octagon with his sorry ass.

  8. TorresFan

    Torres is scum. He should be banned for 4100 games. People who play sports on a professional level with no respect for the other players, their team, or honor deserve to be relegated to some place else. Fuck this scum bag. His wife is with him most likely because if she walks out the bitch will cheap shot her in the face.

  9. Nadia

    Are you black to say this is not a big deal dressing in black face? Do you even know the history? You are very ignorant.

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