Daniel Sedin’s wife Marinette Sedin


  1. Josie Jagodnik

    Hi Daniel
    This Josie Im a BIG BIG FAN of yours
    I would love to meet u and your family!
    Have a good Day

  2. Canucks Rock

    Daniel and Marinette,you have such a big heart that you donated so much money to BC Children’s Hospital! I’m a big fan of yours for that reason!!!

  3. Flipppin

    The real beauty is what comes from within. Beautiful people like Marinette also give so much back to the community and society. She really shines! and she’s as big of a star as husband Daniel.

  4. Josie Jagodnik

    Daniel & Marinette
    you guys are My Favorite Canucks couple
    You guys have beautiful kids
    I would like to meet u booth someday

  5. grace hanesn 15

    daniel marinette you guys are my favonite canucks couple you guys have beautiful
    kids i would like to meet u booth some day you are beautiful
    love grace

  6. Priya

    Hi I’m ten years old and am a fan of the Canucks , but not to be roux my favorite player is Daniel Sedin, why because your number and because you rock

  7. amanda heckman

    Hi Daniel you are my favorite Canuck player ever and I would love to meet you and your family some day!

  8. dainel sedin

    you and your family some day
    marinette and dainel sedin have wife henrik sedin johanna
    than you have fun good summer
    love my best frends
    form grace hanesn

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