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  1. Tron

    First it was game 3 that Horton was caught admiring his own pass and second what Rome did was no worse then what Chara did when he broke Plecanics neck, in fact it was the exact same penalty assessed to Chara that was assessed to Rome.But Chara got nothing and Rome got 4 games. I guess now Horton can admire his pass all he wants on replays from his press box.

  2. thinds

    Dude, you’re a fucking moron. Are you reading the shit you’re saying. You sound absolutely ridiculous. Lemme guess, Tron… you didn’t see any evidence that Burrows bit Bergeron, right?

  3. fed up

    horrid comment, Bruins are dirty players, would not have won cup if not for Tim.
    It was no worse then the hit on our player that is now in a back brace from fractured vertbrae, only difference is we didnt have idiots like cam neely and brian burke making the punishment decision. Canucks gave fans a great season no matter what, so they didn’t win Stanley Cup….our day will come, and always next year, maybe a different squad, but I for one enjoyed the 2010/2011 season very much, enjoyed watching them play.

  4. thinds

    dude. really? the boychuck hit was dirty? wow. that’s just a staggering misunderstanding of hitting, hockey, dirty plays, and maybe life. time to re-evaluate… or go light another car on fire you classy runners ups….

  5. Bobbi

    Aaron Rome is not a mean-spirited player!! He also suffered a similar hit in the playoffs. Horton should have kept his head up instead of admiring his pass! I felt awful for Aaron but I hoped that Horton was o.k. This is hockey and it is all part of the game. Some players can take these hits and some can’t but a four game suspension was way over the top. Maybe Horton should bulk up a bit and learn some basic hockey skills!

  6. Hedder

    Thug Bruins have Thug fans. They are only dirty plays if someone other than a Bruin is making it, ie: Chara on Pacioretty, Savard biting Carcillo, etc.

  7. Wow.

    All class. Putting up a picture of Nathan Horton down and hurt on a site dedicated to Players wives.


  8. lis

    Where was Horton’s suspension for squirting and throwing a water bottle at a fan?

    That’s what I thought.

  9. Anonymous

    just a gutless comment by clearly someone who has zero idea about the game and has never played it. Go watch soccer

  10. mb

    just a gutless comment by clearly someone who has zero idea about the game and has never played it. Go watch soccer

  11. TBLightninglover

    I think Nathan Horton shouldn’t have been admiring his pass, he got what he deserved, he should keep his head up next time. They shouldn’t have suspended Aaron Rome for 4 games, when they didn’t suspend Chara when he broke a guy’s neck. For the refs and Bruins go die in a hole. Bruins dom’t deserve the Stanley Cup.

  12. readerinvancouverhere

    Hit was clean but delivered late! I’m a Canucks fan in Vancouver here and I like the Bruins as well. Anyone to blame for the Canucks collapse it’s Louwhinego! His fault we lost it in game seven. I’ll argue with any Loungo sympathizer here as well. I’ll back it up with the trash talk too. Loungo cost us the cup PERIOD!

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