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TJ Oshie's girlfriend Lauren Cosgrove

UPDATE 03/18/2014: What a month for TJ Oshie and girlfriend Lauren Cosgrove.

After the entire jumped on the TJ Oshie bandwagon with his amazing shootout performance against Russia in the Sochi Olympics, life was good. A few memorable and humble soundbites later (most notably reminding the world that he wasn't a hero, and true hero's wear camoflauge), the kid had the States in the palm of his hand. While that alone would make enough memories for a lifetime, his March may have just trumped his February.

Best day of our lives!!! @laurencosgrove3 Thank you everyone for your kind words! #Lyla

Oshie proudly welcomed his daughter to the world, letting many of his new Twitter followers in on the news. Oshie also changed his profile pic to the hospital gown and that first moment with his new daughter, Lyla Grace.

With a playoff run and a wedding up next, life's not about to calm down anytime soon. Congratulations to TJ Oshie for being the leader in the race to win 2014.

TJ Oshie's girlfriend Lauren Cosgrove has to be a happy woman today.

Just moments after we wrote that line, the internet exploded.  The world has fallen in love with the ice-water-in-the-veins Oshie, and equally as much with his smokeshow fiancee Lauren Cosgrove (who also happens to be on the verge of being TJ Oshie's wife Lauren Cosgrove).  While being engaged to an up and coming NHL star must be nice, TJ Oshie made sure that the rest of the United States outside St. Louis and North Dakota found out who he is.  In the USA vs Russia hockey game, Oshie took the spotlight during the shootout, four of six attempts to seal a victory in Olympic Pool play for the red white and blue.  While we don't know for sure if Oshie's girlfriend has flown to Sochi to watch the games in person, it's very possible she elected to stay stateside.  Why?  Well, with the questionable conditions so many are facing as spectators at the Sochi Olympics, a 7 month pregnant Lauren Cosgrove may not be in the best condition to make the trip.

In an article on USA Hockey, Oshie recognized wrestling with the challenging decision questioning whether traveling internationally two months before a due date is the best decision, despite Cosgrove desperately wanting to experience the games.  While Oshie awaited his fate whether he would be selected to team USA, he also explained the excitement surrounding him.

“They talk about it quite a bit.  I tell them if it happens it happens. I want it to happen, but I’ve got to deserve [my] spot there, first.”

Some reports online indicate that Lauren did ultimately make the decision to stay home, though her father went along with Oshie's parents.  In addition to a new baby, and a hopeful gold medal, Oshie and Cosgrove reportedly got engaged this year as well.  No word on a wedding date as of yet.

Oshie is definitely not shy to introduce the world to Lauren Cosgrove, writing on his MySpace profile, "I have the most beautiful girlfriend in the world, Lauren Cosgrove."

The former University of North Dakota star Oshie played high school hockey in Minnesota, where Cosgrove went to college.  Cosgrove has been a fervent supporter of Team USA enjoying the games  and live Tweeting her reactions.  Some of the tweets included:

Congrats to team USA on the win!!! Gave me the motivation I needed to take down our Christmas decorations - February 19

... I'm actually laughing right now. - February 15 (shortly after the Russia game)

I literally can't handle this - February 15 (smack dab in the middle of the Russia game)

Lauren Cosgrove seems to be taking the new internet stardom in stride.  She remains strident and proud of her fiance, while balancing the stress of being almost 8 months pregnant while your child's father is taking on the world 6,000 miles away with the entire country watching.  Best of luck to TJ Oshie and Lauren Cosgrove - you guys have a lot on your plates.

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  1. Lisbeth

    Lauren , Please consider dressing more modestly now that you are a mother. You are a beautiful woman BUT it is not necessary to have your twins on your chest constantly out and overexposed. It is much more alluring to leave something to the imagination than blatantly have them out there.

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    What's with the delivery room picture? Lisbeth sounds jealous.

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    Can I meet tj please

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    Can I please meet them and get his adigraff

  5. Mary

    Can I please meet tj and get his adigraff