Joe Thornton’s wife Tabea Pfendsack


  1. Scott rader

    Congratulation on everything Joe and tabes , hope you guys bring the cup this 2011-2012 season….from the RADER family in San Jose…..go sharks

  2. ron preston st thomas

    followed you in b and a hockey thank you for the moments also nhl seen you in Detroit my son is Detroit fan every time sharks played Detroit sharks won he said I will never go again to see sharks play against Detroit poor loser thanks joe

  3. George

    Joe, PLEASE if you read this SHAVE or TRIM your BEARD!! You look like an old hobo man out there playing with all that facial hair, absolutely GROSS and unprofessional. You and Burns it’s really quite sad to see 2 of the NHL league’s star players with all that facial hair. Really not a good professional image especially to our young kids I coach and to all those playing. I’m just surprised that either you or Burns wife for that matter haven’t put their foots down and say ‘enough is enough’, shave or trim your beards.

  4. Mac beard

    Nothing the matter with a beard I coach children’s hockey too and have a sweet beard too like burns and thornton my only guess is that you cant grow a beard clearly not a real man

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