Brent Burns’ Wife Susan Burns


  1. George

    Susan, PLEASE tell your husband to finally shave or trim that disgusting beard!Really looks quite sloppy and pathetic for a professional well paid hockey player to look like that. Especially to the young kids growing up and playing the game.Him and Joe Thornton are 2 of the leagues best stars that look like 2 skid road bums with them beards.

  2. Marie

    Oh my, George! Have you spent much time with hockey players? Burns exemplifies, has the look of many I have known. He shows on the outside, what many are on the inside..a bit wild, outside of the box, intense individuals. I think there is definately a “hockey gene”. A variety of personalities and temperments for sure, but all with a certain way about them, a unique brotherhood of “wildman”. Burns looks reflect that, and I love it!

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