Sidney Crosby’s girlfriend (?) Kathy Leutner


  1. Traci Crosby

    It’s not my friend that know about his personal life it is his cousin. She told him and he told then he told me. He told me he wants to focus on hockey. He is actually 26 not 27. He will be 27 on August 7,2014.

  2. Traci Crosby

    Look. I Want the rumor to stop. I want it to stop because I do not like rumor.I know he is not with Kathy. Because I did not see her in the NHL Reveal and she was not with him. Like I said before he wants to focus on hockey. And if they were dating they would be seen kissing and he would of said somerthing Evan though he is a private guy. He would of said something. If he said nothing he is not with her. Have you ever thought kathy and Sidney could been friends theat is why she came to the olympic’s to support him as a friend.

  3. Traci Crosby

    They are friends she is dating a model. Please stop with the rumor. He is single he has said nothing. He is not dating her. Sidney and Kathy were only seen once but they were not using a dating contacted. Kathy is a dating a model. They work together.

  4. Traci Crosby

    And the picture with his parents she was just there to support him as a friend. He is not dating her. This rumor started along time ago. Please stop with the rumors.

  5. stasyanastusha

    …i don’t know what say else to you to proof that he is not alone . he is just very secretive that’s why nobody knows about his GF. seriously…just accept that he is not alone

  6. Jason

    No way. I dated this girl back in the days and she’s a total flake. I’m kinda surprised she’s dating someone from Pittsburgh but then again she needs the money. Her dad’s a big douche. She must get her flakiness from him. Her mom was interesting and her sister was okay I guess.

    This will be a good talk with my friends that Sidney Crosbys girl is my ex. Good luck buddy. You’re gonna need it.

  7. Jason

    Those photos have to be photoshopped. First of all she had braces when she was younger or her teeth won’t look like that, she was flat chested back then. Either she got surgery or it was totally photoshopped. I’m still in shock this is the girl I dated.

    And she’s not 25, she’s 28.

  8. Traci Crosby

    Look. He is not dating Kathy. You guys are are trying to make all the fans upset. I have not seen them together with her during the Olmypic’s. Now stop with her rumor or else I will start cursing at you.

  9. stasyanastusha

    Why do you think so??? You really believe that 26 y.o. man can be without girl all the time?? It’s ridiculous.

  10. stasyanastusha

    So i was on tumblr today and saw something i wanted to hear your opinion on. There is a girl called halloweenday who says that sid has a gf. A local girl whom he has been dating for last 2 months. She even posted a picture with a caption that insinuated that the girl was his gf. What do you think about that?

  11. Traci Crosby

    I think she is lying. And he has to saying something. Stop it all of you with the fuckin rumors. You guys are acting like bitches.

  12. Traci Crosby

    After Sidney won the Stanley cup he visited Alice his fan and she asked him if he had a girlfriend he said no. What do you gotta say about that. He is single. Nothing has been confirmed leave the rumor behind. The rumor was along time ago. Stop it. Enough is enough.

  13. stasyanastusha

    story with Alice was long time ago.Do not get mad. I do not approve. it’s just my opinion that he has a girlfriend and it’s not necessarily Katie

  14. Traci Crosby

    We’ll he does not have a girlfriend. That is it. Leave it like that. Please stop with the rumors and please leave me alone and please stop arguing with me I do not know yo. Just know Sidney is not dating anyone and he wants to focus on hockey.

  15. stasyanastusha

    okey. Let’s get to know each other! Where can we talk more private and i can give you more facts?

  16. Jason's friend

    Jason man I thought you were joking about this. Had to see it for myself. Good think you ran. This girl was crazy. This isthe girl with those designer bags and clothes with her daddy’s credit card. I remember you telling me that. Man those were the days. She lived in the same neighbourhood and she was always with boys. The fact that this girl was in si, I remember her being pretty flat chested and not pretty as the other girls at school.

    Jake and everyone knew about these two dating, I think kathy told us. She hanged out with the popular kids but she was never as popular as Kristen or Kathryn.

    Man crosby family and friends get him out of this. Trust me this girl is bad news. High school and university, kathy and I were in the same circle. Yes she’s a flake and always had her expensive designer things with her daddy’s credit cards. My parents still see her parents at lax games. Her dad’s a big douche more like an a hole. She partied a lot I mean who didn’t and there are lots of pics and video of the good old days on fb. I remember wanting to date this girl but she went out with Jason instead. Glad it didn’t happen because if I remember correctly Jason paid for a lot of things. Good job man you sure know how to pick them.

  17. stasyanastusha

    In all honesty…I really do think these 2 have been dating for a long time. There is probably no pics because she respects his privacy and they both know the illusion of him appearing single is important because of crazy fans. He’s probably very protective of her too. Seems to be the type of relationship he wants…they both have their own thing…see each other when they can..probably talk/skype alot. She seems independent, which Sid likes. They have been to events together, like the Kentucky Derby, which her and her family have been attending since she was a child. Just because she isn’t in the pics doesn’t mean she isnt there..they are fan pics with Sid, she’s not gonna barge her way in the pic! She probably understands that. Why else would Sid randomly start going to the Derby?? lol. He’s going because she is. At least she doesn’t go around bragging she is Sidney Crosby’s gf. We can at least respect that about her. Wasn’t her fault she was caught on the jumbotron at Sochi. It may have been a relief for her to finally be seen and noticed as his gf. I’m sure when her modeling is done she will move to PA and in with Sid. Probably why he built the house. I think a lot of people hate the idea of him with her because it’s cliche..a hockey player with a model! I think people wanted to see him with a nice, normal Canadian girl.

  18. Gina

    There was proof of one of her friends talking about how they broke up in 2011-2012. But obviously she is back in his life now. But her own friend admitted it online that they had broken up before.

  19. Gina

    It was a brief thing, I didnt save the screenshot. it had one friend asking if Sid would be at her sisters wedding and the other friends said “No. They broke up about awhile ago” (this was in 2012) and she said she’d ask the family. the convo picked back up with her saying-“no he wont be there(as in not together)…besides the family were caps fans(or flyers-I cant rem what team they said-lol)
    BUt obviously she is a part of his life again.

  20. Tayla

    My opinion is that Sidney ‘s single !
    If I remember well until last year fans talk much, of Nastas’ya Ziaditdinova it , I think everyone here should know it , and know it was official girlfriend Crosby . When he was dating her all the two came together. And Sidney himself never denied that she was dating.

    When they broke up it was just in the second half of 2012 , and by the second half of 2013 everyone still spoke that they would reattaches the dating until informed that Nastas’ya Ziaditdinova was dating a basketball player .

    And in May last year they were no longer together more Nastas’ya Ziaditdinova on May 27, 2013 , she was watching the training Sydney in Pittsburgh , it does not mean that she was dating him , even as she said no I was.

    If a person is dating other not deny , no matter how private it is her life . She will not go into detail but will say that is dating .

    Not to mention that Oksana, girlfriend of Evgeni Malkin her and Nastas’ya Ziaditdinova ,are friends and nothing wrong with that ! And the very Nastas’ya Ziaditdinova remains in contact with family and friends from Crosby . What ‘s wrong with a girl having friendship with a family of Sydney Crosby .

    Please do not give importance to these rumors , this is something the press to an audience , has a lot of women who take pictures with Sidney and others who are friends of his family , the whole controversy is that this girl is model, if not nobody was talking .

  21. Anonymous

    Hey Tayla came you do me a big favor and go on this website talk sports and. Tell the people what you wrote on here. I will send you a link.

  22. Tracii Crosby

    Hey Tayla can you do me a big favor by going on this website called talk and tell themt hat sidney is single. I agree with you Sidney is single. I will send you the link to the website.

  23. Tayla

    I know where this site is, I just do not know where you want me to write it.

    Everyone knows that Crosby is descreto with your life, but I think everyone knows that when he was dating Nastas’ya Ziaditdinova, he did not deny that she was dating, is as I said:

    If a person is dating another she does not deny, no matter how private is your life. She will not go into details, but say that is dating.

    Everyone should also know that Crosby has been involved with several women.
    But when he was with a girlfriend, he took over.

    Please, Crosby would not lie, when I was in a relationship he said he was, when was dating Nastas’ya Ziaditdinova. he said he was dating.

    But you know how some people are and the Press, only speak what they want to believe.

    In the end this is my opinion! ;-)

  24. Traci Crosby

    Tayla: I agree wig your option I think he would of said something as well. I think he is single.

  25. Tayla

    Traci Crosby : That’s right it would have said something, he would not deny!
    And now that the Pittsburgh Penguins have lost, angry players. I’m sure how good that player is Sidney, he will practice in the summer. And in next season we can see him winning. ;-)

  26. Jerry

    There was a Crosby sighting last night at the Target in Robinson Pa. He was with a girl who looked a lot like Kathy. They were seen holding hands. GF? Idk but why would you hold a friends hand? Or a relatives hand? The shoppers at target respected him and didn’t bother him other than a few pictures. There are pictures that have the girl he was with in them. So there is proof he might be seeing someone (possibly kathy). Give this guy credit for keeping his person life low key by not getting involved in social media….Twitter, etc.

  27. jan

    Jerry, where did you see where they were holding hands? Didn’t see or read anything like that, and also did not see any pics of him with the girl he was with in the pic with him. If you know where people can see these pics and/or the link to where the pics are and where they were holding hands, post it please.

  28. Tayla

    if he was holding hands with a woman, do not you think that photo is would be on the internet?
    We’re talking about Crosby, the people would take pictures and publish on the internet.

    The media would say something, the question is that no one has prove, And another why Crosby would deny or hide any woman who was in your life?

    Everyone knows that when he was dating the Nastas’ya Ziaditdinova 2010 until 2012 everyone knew he did, he not hide at some moment, the problem is that this girl is model there is everyone talking, inventing something,

    So now why hide it?
    some logical explanation ??

  29. Amy

    Wow calm down, all I see are a bunch of crazed 11 year old girls who want it to be so true Sidney’s not dating anyone. Well, unfortunately girls, he’s about 20 years older than you and by the time you’re of age, he’ll be married, with kids, so sit down.

    But besides that point, the behaviour is suspicious, as there’s only 1 documented photo of them together, they never talk about it,and they are never seen together.

  30. Tayla

    it’s true he never talk about it and they never seen together, and also does not have pictures of them two together, much evidence that the rumors are completely false. The Crosby is discreet but why that he would lie, or hide a woman who was with him. That does not make sense.

    I agree with you Amy

  31. Tayla

    He not dating Kathy nor dating the kate Upon, everyone knows that Kate Upon girlfriend the player of beisbol Justin Verlander, a week behind she and Justin Verlander were a lot of fun on an adventure.

    The only thing that has written about Sidney Crosby and Kate Upon, is she in 2013 said he was a good played of hockey.

    The kate Upon Justin Verlander and are always seen together and show that they are very well.

    And it is very strange that Sidney Crosby, has been seen with model kate Upon, and the press did not say anything about it, nor is there any photo on this moment. These are just rumors, just that.

  32. Joshua

    No way is Sid the Kid dating her. I met him over the summer in Toronto through my friend. It was his birthday family party and he was there with my friends cousin. They weren’t flaunting their relationship or anthing but you could tell their was chemistry between the two and that they were together. She called him Jude so that was confusing. I don’t remember Her name but it was definitely not the girl above. Theyre family lives in North York and i know that a bunch of them go/went to McGill university.

  33. Erika Koneczny

    Y’all need to leave her alone. She’s NOT with him. Not only have I been harassed on social media by the fake Twitter and Instagram accounts, so has she. She is not with him though they have tried more than once to make it work. She can do better and deserves to live a peaceful life.

  34. Tayla

    Well Joshua, he has no girlfriend , everyone knows very well, the problem is that some people do not want enchegar.

    The Crosby, he out with many girls and women, everyone knows this too, but many of them were only a relationship unimportant, he had nothing serious, just came out a few times with he.

    If he had a girlfriend because he would hide it from everyone, it makes no sense. more descreto a man or a woman is, they do not do this. When you are with someone, and who hides is because that person, do not mean anything to you.

    And Erika Koneczny, you’re right, people have to forget this story. she is not with him, the two are very different. It is true she tried more than once to stay with him, and he did not want that, no one knows the reason why he did not.. But if he did not want, her have to follow life with another person.

    I believe he must have had a good reason.

    When he finished with Nastas’ya Ziaditdinova in the second half of 2012, in the first half of 2013 everyone thought they would return to nomara, why that were still seen together, but Crosby did not. And since then he’s not with anyone if involves with some girls but nothing serious. He is focused on his career, like I said he engages with some women and girls but it’s nothing serious.

    people should let him live his life.

  35. PittsNative

    He is dating Kathy. He will never admit in any social media or form of interview that he is in a relationship. Also I know it’s hard to believe that he is dating this person mainly because they are rarely ever seen together. She was in sochi but she wasn’t in Pittsburgh when he won the cup nor was she in she Prague for world championships. But they are dating. It was her birthday not to long ago and she celebrated along side some of the Pens wives and girlfriends at a Painting with a Twist class. There’s pictures on instagram to prove it. kayla_ermold posted a picture of the night. So lay off the poor guy he just wants to live his life in private.

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