Matt Cooke’s wife Michelle Cooke


  1. Denise Fischer

    Thank you, Michelle, for starting the Hope Foundation! What a blessing it is to help others. I worked with a student named John Lawrence, who you know and have been so nice to. Because of you, John keeps going forward. That book you sent him was just what he needed at that time. You and your husband have positively affected his life. I can’t thank you enough! I am fundraising so that John can buy a wheelchair that navigates on all terrains. Then he can independently visit his relatives. Could your foundation help us with the cost of the wheelchair. If h ave raised approx. %5000. It costs $11,500.
    Thank you,
    Denise Fischer

  2. Audrey Johnston

    I am the great grandmother of 9 year old Justin, who is dealing with strong anger issues that appear to be related to the death of his Pap who died over 2 years ago. When I heard Matt on Channel 4 the other night their stories seem so similar. He kept his feeling hidden for well over a year. Blindly, we did not see that his personality change was related to this loss until he wote me a note revealing “Since Pap died I am mad” Mom is seeking mental help for him at this point, but his anger and attitude just seems to get worse. Hopefully we will be able to get the professionally help he need, in the mean time any advice you can offer would be greatfully apreciated. He is such a great kid. We just want our old Justin back. Thank you. Audrey Johnston.

  3. Eric Snider

    I wa a college Philosophy Professor (now a full-time administrator). I read the article on Matt in the October 2-8 CitiPages. Once at an interview for a faculty position I got asked “can a Christian be a hockey player?” It was there way of asking questions like “what difference does being a Christian make in one’s career?” or “are there any professions off limits to Christians?” My answer was that of course a Christian can be a hockey player. What difference does it make? He’d skate just as hard, play just as intently, play within the rules even when the ref isn’t looking, and would do it all knowing God gave him the gifts to do so. He’d understand that what is permissible and acceptable on the ice side of the boards is not all permissible and acceptable on the other side. Would he “witness” to his teammates or give them Christian literature? Maybe not, except in the way that when they hear you claim to be a Christian they do watch what you do and say. Oh, also, I said, he might quote Bible verses when he plays. For instance when he puts a crushing check on a guy against the boards and the guy crumples to the ice, as he skates away, he might say “Peace, be still.” That brought a laugh from my interviewers and perhaps helped me get the job.

  4. Anonymous

    Miss you, Cooke. Hope you com home soon. I am not sure who made you the poster boy for “dirtiest” player in the league, but I think they just wanted to focus on someone – and you were selected. People have no idea of the things you did for Pittsburgh and others. Hope you and your family are seen soon

  5. Anonymous

    He is one of the dirtiest players in the NHL..thats the only way he can play when the others have so much more talent than he does. He needs to get suspended for the rest of the playoffs. I love hockey but these guys need to be kicked out of the NHL.

  6. anonymous

    Christian? We’ll see about that and see how you like that whole “eye for an eye” or knee for a knee in your case. I hope somebody rapes your stupid fucking wife.

  7. bruins fan

    When is the NHL going to kick him out? He’s bad for hockey and a bad role model for his own kids and every kid that plays hockey.

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