03/19/15 (Updated)

Evgeni Malkin's girlfriend Oksana Kondakova

Evgeni Malkin and girlfriend Oksana Kondakova have had an on again off again relationship since before Evgeni's rookie season in the United States. The two were dating prior to his stateside arrival, but Evgeni reportedly broke up with her once he moved here. Part of the problem was rumored to be that Oksana was married to a Russian millionaire, though separated and going through divorce proceedings.
However, after finally moving out of teammate Sergei Gonchar's house, Evgeni admits that he surrounded himself in his new pad with plenty of familiar faces, including his parents and his girlfriend.
Fast forward to the summer of 2009. Oksana was seen on the arm of Evgeni arriving at Penguin's owner Mario Lemieux's house for a Stanley Cup celebration party. Days later, the speculation was fully confirmed when the two were spotted in a variety of intimate poses while vacationing in Miami Beach.
Reportedly, the couple split sometime in the fall of 2009, while Malkin was seen around town with a new woman. However, Oksana rumors heated up again when she was spotted during the 2010 Winter Olympics supporting Evgeni's Russian team.

Long story short. The two have been together, and have been broken up. The pattern is likely to continue in the future as well.

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  1. Anonymous

    she's disgusting and an attention wh*re

  2. Adrian

    They Are Together, And I Think They Are Engage ! <3

  3. Anon

    Because Gino's just so attractive (catch that sarcasm?).

  4. anon

    she is hot

  5. Anonymous

    I ain't sayin' she a gold digger, but Gino ain't no broke nigga


    Geno is a russian stud, I'd def. let him hit that.


    she's so nasty

  8. Oksana

    This Oksana. The reson I like Geno is...how do you say...his big jonston? i no dig for gold, my family already very the rich.

  9. Geno's Girl #71

    Oksana, now really-you can't spell or let alone speak, so I doubt you are rich. Let's face it it sweetheart, he may have a big "johnson", but he deserves better than a low paid looking porn star who can't spell, write, or speak!

  10. Tati

    she looks like an average porn star. nothing pure or beautiful, all made up ... I bet she wears fake eye lashes too. Malkin should be able to get a a nice girl, like Ovechkin did. And Malkin is so much more handsome than him