Evgeni Malkin’s girlfriend Oksana Kondakova


  1. Oksana

    This Oksana. The reson I like Geno is…how do you say…his big jonston? i no dig for gold, my family already very the rich.

  2. Geno's Girl #71

    Oksana, now really-you can’t spell or let alone speak, so I doubt you are rich. Let’s face it it sweetheart, he may have a big “johnson”, but he deserves better than a low paid looking porn star who can’t spell, write, or speak!

  3. Tati

    she looks like an average porn star. nothing pure or beautiful, all made up … I bet she wears fake eye lashes too. Malkin should be able to get a a nice girl, like Ovechkin did. And Malkin is so much more handsome than him

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