Philadephia Flyers Owner Ed Snider’s wife Lin Spivak


  1. Prongerfan

    Think her expression will change with that 5 hole shot, think not. Babe needs to lay off the Botox . Looks like a frozen bird face. Think his big daddy puck btw the eyes can separate them is that …..”.cross eyed look from to much tox. Love our snider, brave man Bet she blocks the shots by years end.

  2. Hambone

    Looks like a whole lot of Haterade being consumed. Ed, has done ton’s for the city of Philly, He was Movin and shakin before you’re young arse was a glimmer in your old man’s eye. Cut the ol boy some slack, oh and stop the hate…..

  3. Emil

    You know I knew Lin Spivack before she married ED Snider. She was an incredibly personable person and a dog lover at that, she must have made Ed very happy and if you could look so good in that slinky gold dress. Then I would say Lin made Ed smile and he must have always had a beautiful, vivacious woman on his arm. Somehow Ed must have enjoyed the last years of his life with the woman whom I am sure made him happy. He did have great taste in gals. RIP in Peace, ED.

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