Brandon Prust's girlfriend Marie-Pier Morin

Let me tell you one thing: virtually no one outside of the New York area code would know Brandon's name if it wasn't for his smoking hot girlfriend Marie-Pier Morin. I'd like to think I'm a big hockey guy but I had no clue who Brandon was until researching the wives and girlfriends of the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Looking at his stats I can see why I had no clue who he was (82 games, 5 goals, 12 assists, and a -1 plus/minus rating for the whole season).

Due to Marie, Brandon is becoming a household name for some people. Many people may recognize Maria as a Deal or No Deal model, who appeared on the Canadian version of the show (but I could be wrong on that). Like most of the girls on the show she is also an aspiring model.

The couple has been together for over two years, though the relationship hasn't always been smooth. According to Page 6 of the NY Post, Brandon was caught red handed with another girl, and a famous girl at that. In early 2011 Brandon was spotted with Michelle Trachtenberg who many of you are familiar with from the TV show "Gossip Girls." Despite this story being all over the papers the couple is still together and was a big part of the last 24/7 on HBO for the Winter Classic.

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7 Responses to “Brandon Prust's girlfriend Marie-Pier Morin”

  1. June

    Totally agree with you, not to mention that she's not the sharpest tool in the shed

  2. Anonymous

    This is from

  3. jeff j

    Actually she's a Montreal girl, was on the french version of DoND, and claiming your a Rangers fan and not knowing who Brandon Prust was??? you should then take note, he's a major part of the reason your Rangers were terrible this year. His new team on the other hand, the one he bled for all year, won their division.
    you should keep quiet on hockey and wax poetic hot wives.

  4. Seriously

    You've never heard of Brandon Prust before?? And you claim to be a knowledgable hockey fan?

  5. Savalyna

    Marie-Pier was Also a candidate for the reality Tv show "Occupation Double" the same as Tyler Séguin's Wife but not the same year!

  6. Savalyna

    Sorry it's Cristopher Letang and not Tyler Séguin Wife i was talking about !

  7. randie payne

    hey marie im a big fan of montreal your boyfriend is a very good hockey player i watch the game last night i was so happy that they won the game .i watch you on hockey wives you get mad when girls hit on your boyfriend well i would to but you have to rust him cause thats what love is all about i use to get mad when girls use to hit on my husband .