Brandon Prust’s girlfriend Marie-Pier Morin


  1. jeff j

    Actually she’s a Montreal girl, was on the french version of DoND, and claiming your a Rangers fan and not knowing who Brandon Prust was??? you should then take note, he’s a major part of the reason your Rangers were terrible this year. His new team on the other hand, the one he bled for all year, won their division.
    you should keep quiet on hockey and wax poetic hot wives.

  2. Savalyna

    Marie-Pier was Also a candidate for the reality Tv show “Occupation Double” the same as Tyler Séguin’s Wife but not the same year!

  3. randie payne

    hey marie im a big fan of montreal your boyfriend is a very good hockey player i watch the game last night i was so happy that they won the game .i watch you on hockey wives you get mad when girls hit on your boyfriend well i would to but you have to rust him cause thats what love is all about i use to get mad when girls use to hit on my husband .

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