Filip Forsberg’s Girlfriend Jennifer Persson


  1. Emma

    Filip wasn’t even in Nashville 2012, his girlfriend Jennifer got there autumn 2015 and moved to the states 2016. She’s not even from Leksand lol

  2. Erin

    She brags way too much on that blog. Pool, shopping for luxury items, nails, fancy restaurants…..repeat over and over.

  3. Victoria

    They are not together anymore. They broke up late spring 2018/early summer. She looks pretty in all her pics but you can tell she uses a lot of editing apps to look that way. Honestly I found it very weird that she rarely ever posted about him on her IG after dating for 3 years. She didn’t seem like a Proud girlfriend. He was doing big things for Nashville and in the NHL, why not a “Proud of you post” or “congrats after breaking a record”. He was posting pics of just her and complimenting her on IG often. She seemed like she was trying to not make him think she liked him more than he liked her, so she never acted super proud to be his girlfriend. That was a dumb move. When you’re with a super talented guy who is one of the best in the world, it is okay to not be selfish and be there for him more. He needs someone not so immature.

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