Dustin Brown’s wife Nicole Brown


  1. Gordon

    Nicole is a tremendous lady, mother and wife. She is doing the world,s toughest but most important job of raising children. Dustin knows how lucky he is to have her and when hockey is over he will remember his wife and family far more than the hockey or what some call a “trophy wife”.

  2. Laura

    I think Nicole and Dustin are both adorable! I think Avery obviously is a miserable person to treat another person like that and demonstrates his low character.

  3. Cindy

    She was so rude to my friends and I when we said what big fans we
    Were and how adorable her children are. At least be nice to the fans… Geez! To make matters worse
    It was at a game it was not like we were bothering her at the grocery store.

  4. Heather

    A bum is pretty enough for a “hockey wife” hockey players don’t have any teeth… I love my kings but their all gross.

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