Anze Kopitar’s wife Ines Kopitar


  1. Anonymous

    She doesn’t deserve attention. She’s a shell that does absolutely nothing. Kopi could do a million times better.

  2. anonymoous

    She does nothing for a living except live off of Anze and she is a real bitch. Ugly too those pics are very old..She has no personality and you would think she would at least work some of the Kings charities but she doesn’t.. I heard they were not getting along very well lately.

  3. Anonymous

    She’s sweet and modest, which gives her a real value. Kopi is much too clever for any kind of “empty” beauty (it would be soooo typical american :) Wishing them all the best!

  4. Anonymous

    few facts…americans are stupid….you bitchez are jelouse and leave them alone.
    Go pick on stupid Lady Gaga and her ugly face and horrible voice or something

    just sayin’ …..

    oh yeah…americans are stupid….you proved it like for a millionth time ;) get a life people

  5. anonymous

    When I read about Ines I thought: finally a normal girl that doesn’t want to look and act like typical American superficial girls who want attention and to be ‘pimped up’ as much as the surgeon will agree to do it. I thought finally a girl that will make American girls some justice… And what do I find out?! She’s Slovenian!!!! So young and still with both feet on her ground. BRAVO to Slovenia… want to excange some girls!? :D :)

  6. Ziga

    Its a known fact that Slovenians are the most jealous people in the world and being that slovenia is a small country thats pretty sad! But i guess when you live in a country called slovenia who people could care less about let alone know where slovenia is i would be misserable and jealous too. I like Ines and anze together. But we americans dony care about slovenia. Just saying

  7. Karina

    oh, c’mon, why can’t you just say ‘good luck to both of you’? How can you write such comments about someone without even knowing her. How is it any of your business how she looks, how she dresses, what she does,…? She looks pretty normal to me. Besides, she’s not a celebrity, she’s just his GF and l’m actually pretty glad he stayed grounded and humble after such success. He didn’t dich her and found some gold digger. Kudos to both of them, l hope they will stay normal.

  8. A Kings fan

    What’s up with you people-He is happy,He is in love -She is the right girl for him-He loves her- TO DO WHAT YOU LIKE IS FREEDOM TO LIKE WHAT YOU DO IS HAPPINESS- BE HAPPY and let them be happy because joy gives us wings- Good for you Kopi .
    And yes, I am a proud Kings american in case you ask.

  9. leah

    I am just happy that after all this years they stayed together and got married! she is a normal down to earth girl,and you Americans are just jealouse cause of her.

  10. tjasa

    Ok what’s up with you guys?? In case you don’t know she’s amazing and you’re just jelaous cuz he just doesn’t give a fuck for you stupid attention seeking fangirls!! He’s happy with her and they’ve just got married! She’s simple girl and not some cash bitch! Got problem with that?? DEAL WITH IT! I’m oroud slovenian and so what if we are small? Do you know how many slovenes work in hollywood?? Do you know that webhave the best skier on the world do you know we are very successful at pretty much everything?? So what if we are small that makes us more unique!! So tipical amwrican!! Really how dare you? Nobody knows where is slovenia?? Ask josh duhamel, angelina,jolie, vrad pitt,jessie j! They ‘ve been here already! Zaj me pa kusni na rit madafaka!!

  11. Garry

    Met her yesterday in Winnipeg and she was very nice, pleasant lady. Took the time to chat to myself and my colleagues.

    All I can say is a nice lady.

  12. gokingsgo

    Everyone! Stop being so harsh!
    I met her in person – how gracious she was. She came and hugged me. She seemed very genuine. They both are so happy together and complement each other very well. She was talking about a rescue product that she and Anze had organized. They both rescued dogs from Sochi, which were nearly about to all be eradicated. Many players of the Kings have dogs now. She also had a difficult childhood. You cannot judge one by the photos that they may post or how they may seem. We do not know one until we have met them for ourself.
    GO KINGS GO! I love you Anze!

  13. Anonymous

    Today I sat next to her in a flight from LA to Frankfurt and we talked on many things. In my judgement, she is a very nice simple girl like. Currently She is going through a lot and doing her best under the circumstances.

    She needs positive vibes like anyone would need during difficult times. I wish her good luck and strength.

  14. Terri

    Clearly all you haters don’t know Ines, she is a beautiful, bright young women who is married to one happy man.

    To the cow who says Anze cheats on Ines, unless you have 8 x 10 glossy’s get a life.

    Slovenia is an amazing place with wonderful people, if you have not visited don’t comment.

    Congratulations Anze and Ines Kopitar……

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