Gary Bettman’s wife Shelli Bettman


  1. Canucklehead

    Mrs. Bettman,
    If your husband continues to forward the concept that NHLers do not compete in further Olympics . I shall be forced to divorce my cat and ask you to marry my dog.



  2. The Next One

    I would like to know how exactly Bettman has destroyed the NHL? I suppose of you call increasing revenues to 4 billion dollars over his tenure and making both the owners and players rich then yeah, he has destroyed it and is doing his JOB.

  3. amatro

    What an absolutely terrible thing to say about people you don’t know. Insulting someone’s appearance is really low and says more about the poster than it does about the individual of discussion. They’re both highly intelligent individuals and deserve the utmost respect. Shame on you all!

  4. Billybobeh

    Gary honed his skills during his tenure as Vice President and counsel with the NBA. He left just before the referee scandal erupted and brought his show to the NHL. He has developed the game in all corners of the United States and around the globe, brought owners and players riches but he does refer to the game as a product that, like any product, needs to be marketed and developed. The big problem I have is that the games seem to be managed by rule changes, the league, in conjunction with the refs, and now with the control room decisions based in Toronto. So now it’s less a game and more a product. A product that needs to be in front of the most fans at the most opportune of times, which would be the playoffs. I’ve watched the game of hockey for over fifty years and I’ve never seen it ‘managed’ more than it is now. The games may not be fixed, draw your own conclusions, but refs do get instructions and they are ‘managed’ just like every aspect of the ‘game’ itself. Remember when the strike was on and some of the owners called the players cattle. If so then what are the fans, FEED? Managed, manipulated, you decide. Gary and the owners are concerned with one thing and one thing only and that’s making a boat load of money. And they do.

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