Tim Thomas’ wife Melissa Thomas


  1. Miles Allen

    I just wonted to post that I use to be tim’s and melissa’s mabor in michigan, I just wonted to say good work for both of them and I hope to see them agen. So good luck to tim inthe stanly cup andto melissa keep up the good work

    Sinserley, your old nabor, and friend

  2. Edgar Bélanger

    Hi Tim and Melissa,

    Tim your playoff performance this year was exceptional. I was very happy to know that you won the Conne Smyth trophy. You deserve the Vezina as well.

    I`m a Habs fan but can recognize excellence when I see it.

    Congradulations buddy!!!

  3. Lorie

    My 3 year old son is a HUGE fan of your husband’s. He has a framed photo of Tim that he held up all the time during the regular season and the for the Stanley Cup. He jumped up and down when he saw the Bruins win. And when your husband got MVP I didn’t think Ian could yell “Yay, Tim Thomas” . Today he found out, thru his grandparents, that your oldest daughter went Potowamut School. It is now closed but we take him there to use the playground. Now he thinks it’s even cooler that Tim Thomas was at the school.. Your husband is a wonderful role model for my son to follow. He has taught my son about sportmanship and how not to be a sore loser. I hope you do get the chance to read this. Your husband holds a special place in my 3 yr old’s heart.

  4. Mark

    Just wanted to write something legible. You guys have schools in Michigan? Tim Thomas has no class folks.

  5. may belsby

    Hope you got your dinner with Glenn Beck????????!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>> Hope you have your head examined soon, Great goal tender but poor role model. Wish you luck.

  6. Jabs

    Tim, I just wanted to say, It takes a big man to know when to take a step back and see the BIG picture. Family IS #1. I will enjoy watching you play hockey whenever and wherever. Enjoy your time off.

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