Nicklas Lidstrom’s wife Annika Lidstrom


  1. Chase

    I actually new thief 12 year old son, Sammy because he played on my hockey team last year but then moved back toSweden.

  2. Hockey Mom

    Chase it a great hockey player (12 years old). His mom is a hockey player but he has played with my son and his Big Ten Volleyball Mom for five years now. His mother is very ill. He latched on to me and my son right from the beginning. He won the MVP award at the State Hockey Tournament. I sat next to him at the State Tournament Banquet. He’s part of our hockey family. I was mad when they benched him for not being able to come to practice for a week because of family issues.

  3. Hockey Mom

    Chase’s mom had a scholarship to Boston College for women’s hockey and she stayed in Michigan. She was tested for a brain tumor this year. It’s Minerva’s Disease. She can’t drive anymore and will lose her hearing soon.

    To me, the obvious answer is to stop smoking cigarettes in your house. We can’t do that in pubic places in Michigan.

  4. Your King

    He’s all your’s. Enjoy every minute with him. You’re a gold digger and I’m the King’s porn. I am still mowing lawns, raking leaves, cleaning houses and coaching my children. I will live forever in human terms.

  5. Athletes

    Did Nicklas have to move? Yes. Athletes live a different life. When a child is on Sweden and there isn’t anyone to watch over him, it’s a problem.

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