Jamie Benn’s Girlfriend Katie Hoaldridge


  1. Heather

    Katie lived in New Jersey, not New York. She’s back in Texas because she loves her family and wants to be close to home. Katie is a true Christian who doesn’t judge others, so that is how she reconciles having a lesbian sister and loving Jesus. Katie has overcome so much – coming from a broken home, her dad walking out when she was young, being dyslexic and all the struggles that came from that. She is a great person, a nice woman. Ask her yourself.

  2. Nat

    Majored in a “bunch of communications subjects?” Wow what crappy journalism. And then just randomly throwing your judgment in there about her being “really Christian” and marching for gay rights? Whoever wrote this sounds like a 12 year old valley girl and needs to not write articles published on the internet.

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