06/14/13 (Updated)

Patrick Kane's girlfriend Amanda Grahovec

Patrick Kane leads the life every 20-something single dude envies. Kaner embodies everything single guys want to be: a young, rich hockey player, who also happens to be just about as close to royalty as American athletes gets in a hockey obsessed city. Kane leads the Blackhawks into their second Stanley Cup finals in four years, where the Chicagoan hockey god, also happened to notch the Cup clinching OT goal in game 6 of the 2010 series.

Kane has been living the good life as any 25 year old should, and our pursuit to find out information about his dating life has turned up a ton of gossip on quick relationships, and one night stands. However, Kane's mid twenties seem to have conjured up ideas of settling down as we recently got wind of Patrick Kane's girlfriend Amanda Grahovec.

We first heard that Kane had a girlfriend when Kane talked about an unidentified girlfriend in the 2013 Official Blackhawks magazine. Barstool Sports ran with it first and brought the mystery woman to light, when other sites went running to find out the name. While never officially confirmed, the name Amanda Grahovec has been recently identified as Kane's girlfriend, dating since mid 2012.

Unfortunately, Amanda Grahovec has done an impressive job keeping details about her minimal. As Bruins fans, we hope we don't see the couple celebrating with Lord Stanley's trophy in a couple weeks, but if that should go down, we'll be sure to pass along more.

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6 Responses to “Patrick Kane's girlfriend Amanda Grahovec”

  1. Jon

    She is Elegantly beautiful and the fact she shuns the spotlight instead of being an attention grabbing whore like many WAGs are only makes her even more beautiful.

  2. Alyssa

    You removed the wrong photo. The one removed was her facebook profile picture of her & her sister-n-law. The photo with the man & woman in a car is not Amanda.

  3. Bec

    Wow, Kaner - very impressed!

  4. [...] his celebrating teammates.  This year is was all about the team and his family (as well as a serious girlfriend apparently).  There are plenty of good years ahead of Mr. Kane assuming he stays on his current [...]

  5. RatBastid

    Honestly, does anybody really care?

  6. Anonymous

    He's a lucky man.