Jonathan Toews’ Girlfriend Gabrielle Velasquez


  1. Anon

    No one knows for certain if this is his girlfriend or another hook up. He was seen the previous month in Vegas with an array of women so she could just be another notch on his bed post. Time will tell, though, since the preseason starts next month.

  2. Anonn

    Gaby is one of my former co-workers. This is NOT JONS GIRLFRIEND, nor has she ever been. They were friends at one point but after she submitted her own pictures to a website referring to her as Jon’s girlfriend from her own work email address, he cut off all contact with her.

  3. GC

    If I’m not mistaken it was proven that these two are not dating. I believe that they were friends and have hung out a few times. Various websites have shown that she sent in her own pictures claiming she was his GF.

  4. Stadooch

    I saw him with her and a bunch of his buddies at Clearwater Bay Ontario (Shell gas station) during September long weekend. They were buying fishing licenses. He posed for a few pictures with a bunch of kids. Don’t think he just does that with hookups.

  5. Anonymous

    So can anyone confirm or deny that they are together or have ever been together? He just seems like a stand up guy, can’t really believe that he would pick someone up like that

    Just want to know if this is just a rumour or if there is some truth to it

  6. wayne

    Well, she looks like… if she´s not with John, it will not take long to find a new man, and she looks like she has probably had many men, and she will have many men.

  7. Bec

    All the other guys have these pretty, wholesome, stand-up girlfriends, and Jonathon Toews dates a girl like this? Wow… so not what I expected at all.

  8. KnowItAll

    Her name isn’t Gabrielle Velasquez it’s Lindsey Vecchione. She’s a whore. He could do soooo much better then… it,… He should chose a nice down to earth girl who knows something about hockey, wasn’t in playboy and isn’t half naked in all her pictures. and someone that he could really settle down with XD I think we can all agree on that

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