Scott Walker’s wife Julie Walker


  1. lolyou'redumb

    what you said about his wife is true. but,since apparently you’re clueless..
    aaron ward was picking a fight with cullen infront of the net and walker came to back him up. :)
    it’s aaron’s fault for not defending himself -which he had plenty of time to do- and for going down in one punch.

  2. thinds

    I’ve seen the play. You clearly have a loose definition of “picking a fight” if that’s what you’d call the Ward-Cullen interaction. Wards gloves were still on when Walker sucker spun him around and sucker punched him.

  3. Jack

    you obviously don’t know anything about the canes. Aaron Ward and Scott Walker never played together until the 2009 -2010 season. and get over it aaron ward is a bitch anyway

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