Jordan Staal’s wife Heather Staal


  1. Brianna

    Dear Heather:
    i was wondering why did you marry Jordan?
    i love him & then he had to go marry you!-_-
    i was wondering if you and Jordan could send me a msg back! i like know everything about him 7 just love him to death! i think& know i’am the biggest fan<3

    well thaaanks <3

  2. Toni

    Really your going to ask his wife WHY they got married??
    I love Jordan and HATED to see him leave Pittsburgh, but I understand his reasons for doing so. He will always be a Penguin to me and now I have a chance to visit my brother in NC AND go to a hockey game too!!

    Heather you are a very lucky women to have such a nice guy good luck to the both of you! Jordan I hope someday to get your autograph, you are an amazing hockey player good luck in NC, see you in the Burgh!! Always cheering you on!!

  3. cheri lynn francis

    hi heather,

    we would like to congratulate you and jordan on your marriage,seen some photos you both looked beautiful and hope that you both will be very happy together!!! cheri and jessica francis thunder bay,ont. fans of all the staal boys!!!

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