09/16/11 (Updated)

Jarome Iginla's wife Kara Iginla (nee Kara Kirkland)

The Iginla's have been dating since they were in 8th grade together. After dating for the better part of a decade, Jarome proposed to his long time girlfriend on Christmas of 2001. The two were married on August 6, 2003 and have three children together: daughter Jade Grace born in 2004, and sons Tij, born in 2006 and Joe, born in 2008.

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13 Responses to “Jarome Iginla's wife Kara Iginla (nee Kara Kirkland)”

  1. jimmy b

    never retire,to good.

  2. TomD

    Iginla is all that is man. Scores goals, tough as nails, smoking hot wife. You son of a b#%^ch.

  3. mel & gundi lachance

    we have bean a fan since you started

  4. Brett

    Iginla named his son after Sakic that beauty.

  5. Doris Amon

    I am a Gramma and have been a fan of Jarome's since he came to Calgary. I will still be a fan of his in Pittsburg and will follow the games, Go Iggy Go! Good Luck to you and your family.

  6. tldrkhnsm

    Class act!

  7. Anna-Liisa

    Good luck in Pittsburg. You will be missed. All the best to the whole family! May God's Blessings go with you!

  8. Loraine G

    Good luck too the hole family

  9. Sheila & Jeremy

    Been a fan ever since you came to the NHL. Will remain a fan until you leave. You couldn't have picked a better team to be traded to. Congrats on your first goal as a Penguin. Best of luck, and blessing to your beautiful family.

  10. shirley abrams

    i live in calgary and want to watch IGGY play but don't know what channel and need to know is the time it says on their schedule calgary time or how much difference. thanks much appreciated. can't watch him if i don't know when and what channel. thanks again . shirley

  11. ashley nutter

    hey your husband is THE BEST HOCKEY PLAYER OF ALL TIME EVEN BETTER THAN WAYNE GRETSKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am eleven and i have rutted for your husband since i was 3 years old i so wish i could meet him well tell him good luck

  12. shirley abrams

    i am sorry you didn't win the cup. you are still my hero. please come home to calgary.

  13. Stephanie Robb

    I am completely and totally thee ultimate Calgary Flames fan for 19 years. Your handsome husband was THEE BEST PLAYER TO EVER GRACE THE BURNING HOT CALGARY FLAMES and HE made them who they really are........Jerome Iginla is the ONLY NHL PLAYER WORTH WATCHING EVER. HE IS AN ULTIMATE AMAZING INCREDIBLY TALENTED GIFTED NHL HOCKEY PLAYER............ CALGARY FLAMES HAS LOST THE WORLDS BEST #1 MOST GIFTED TALENTED AND HANDSOME CHAP EVER TO GRACE THE ICE OF ABSOLUTELY ANY NHL TEAM........ALL THE BEST TO JEROME IN ABSOLUTELY EVERY AND ANY AREA...........he alone was the very first reason that I was ever even interested and drawn to the Calgary Flames