Tyler Seguin’s girlfriend Kathryn(?)


  1. Raaawrr

    Umm, Actually they broke up. Candace does not like her at all.
    I am actually Candace’s EX bestfriend And i dont care about her at all.

  2. Amy Brown

    They didnt go to the same high school, st micheals is all boys. Its possible kathryn went to holy name, an all girls school.

  3. AA

    Her name’s Kathryn, he dated when he was playing for Plymouth, went to high school together. They broke up last year.

  4. GW

    they definitely broke up on her facebook someone wrote on her wall and was like “i googled tyler seguin and a picture of you came up with the caption tyler seguin’s hot girlfriend” or something like that and she commented “EX-girlfriend!”

  5. Anonymous

    she’s pyscho, absolutely psycho , tyler had to have a restraining order put on her because she flew out to boston to suprise him and he wants nothing to do with him

  6. Anon

    After seeing the photographs of him partying after winning the cup, it’s safe to say that if they weren’t broken up before, they are now.

  7. liv

    someone tweeted at her in 2012 and said “you dated tyler seguin?!” and she responded “unfortunately” she is dating a singer in a semi known band

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