Tyler Seguin’s girlfriend Ciara Price


  1. Meg

    he just posted on twitter recently that he is single so either theyre friends or friends with benefits…

  2. Emko

    Bottom line: If he can be a number one cetner @ $4 million, that’s a deal. Remember, he got blind sided last year on a bullshit hit, resulting in a concussion. His pt total from the prev. 4 years goes as follows: 97, 96, 78,88. and last year, a lost season by his standards, he had 33 pts in 41 games – not bad. I’d say that’s pretty good value. Those last 3 years were at Boston, where they haven’t exactly had a sniper at the Gaborik/Kovy level. This guy is being valued at an all time low right now, a time when you buy. Honestly, I think if they can make it work, the downside is somewhat limited. Kevin, I implore you to reconsider your original analysis as I have, and revisit this issue in another post. GUYS, Lundqvist and Gaborik are in their prime. 3-4 years from now when our younger core is finally playing at the top level, these guys (esp. Lundy) will be almost on the decline. The time to contend for a cup w/ Gabby and Hank is now (although our cap issues remain a serious hindrance-this is well-documented and becoming cliche) thru the next 4-5 years. That’s our horizon. Having a player like Savard during that period at $4M per is a sound move IMO. …p.s. I realize all this contradicts my first post.

  3. ryan

    ciara price got married in las vegas to a mma fighter last year.. he owns 2 gym. are they divorced or just seperated ???

  4. raini

    Look this girlf up she is smoking hot and blows EVERYONE else out of the water…I complete ten even if Tyler isn’t with her…she should be a twenty !

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