03/20/15 (Updated)

Jaromir Jagr's girlfriend Inna Puhajkova

Jaromir Jagr has had a very successful, dare we say Jeter-esque run through European trim, with a collection of models successfully bedded. The most recent model (well at least that we know of) is Inna Puhajkova. Born in 1986 and only 14 years Jagr’s junior, Inna is a successful model who hit the pinnacle of her career in 2005 when she won the title “Miss Internet,” by a random Czech website.

Officially we know that the two have been dating for upwards of 5 years. The last full report on the couple’s status comes from 2007 when it looked like the two were planning a July wedding. While there’s no English written press coverage of the event, it does appear that the couple is still together. Truthfully, there may actually be information out there, but I have no idea what the hell those Russian websites are talking about.

Despite the lack of updates, Inna was seen in the stands rocking a Jagr jersey and cheering for her man at the 2010 World Games.
Without official confirmation, we cannot be sure if Inna is officially a girlfriend, wife or ex. However, there's sure to be a full profile piece done on Jagr upon his arrival in Philly. Hopefully that can answer some questions. When it does, we'll be there to keep you posted.

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7 Responses to “Jaromir Jagr's girlfriend Inna Puhajkova”

  1. Anonymous

    they are not married> it's a relationship with loads of ups and downs> media in the CZ are rather speculating about the end

  2. 143Flyers

    He's here...in Philly, no woman around. He's staying in a rinky dink hotel over by the practice rink. The hotel is hardly fit for a model.

  3. Mtn. Kitty

    Beautiful Lucky Lady......!!!!

  4. Jessica

    I think Jaromir Jagr is a great hockey player, Why are we so fixed on who his wife or girlfriend is? Sure he is gorgeous i've had a crush on him since i was 14 yrs old i'm now 34 six years younger then him. i would love to see other stuff on him,then his love life.

  5. jocelyn houle

    you are the best5 stars do you read the BIBLE

  6. jocelyn houle

    marry him the time past fast

  7. Anzia

    Awesome athlete...watching the playoffs now! I just want to date him...im Czech...we should def meet!