Andrew Ference’s wife Krista Bradford


  1. Colleen Hall Barta

    Dear Krista:

    My name is Colleen Hall Barta and I am the Director of Development for the Institute for Environmental Research and Education (IERE), a Washington State based non-profit, with a mission to support facts based environmental decision making. I have a program I would like to introduce to your husband Andrew, because he has proven himself to be a real environmental steward in the sport of hockey.

    All our work at the IERE is based in the discipline of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). This is the science of measuring the environmental impacts of products and services, from cradle to grave. One of the most important areas in the field of LCA is the development of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s), also known as TYPE III Ecolabels. These LCA based labels are like a nutrition label, only disclosing the environmental impact data of the product. Most people are familiar with Carbon Footprints or Water Footprints – these are only two of the categories in a full LCA.

    I would like to talk to Andrew about helping us with a pilot to do an LCA for hockey, which is the next step forward from his “Carbon Challenge” issued to fellow Bruin players.

    I will be in Seattle at the Green Sports Alliance Conference, starting tomorrow. I’m not sure of his schedule or how long he is staying, but I would really like to steal about 30 minutes of his time, if possible. He can call me at 253-208-9702.
    Thanks for your attention. I hope you get this message in time for me to connect with Andrew in Seattle. CH

  2. tom rosenfield

    Hi i just want to thank u n wish u both well. Andrew is a great person n u im sure r too. my family love. The. Team n all its. Players. But im a defensive minded player n andrew dude. U r gonnna be missed always. Remember boston will always. Wecome u. ur a warrior man god bless u n the family

  3. Ayaz

    Mr.Andrew I want to meet you before you leave Boston. I have someone wants to meet you . Thanks If you can

  4. Ann Bibeault

    Andrew, just want to say I have enjoyed and loved watching you play for the Bruins. I saw a recent interview of you saying you would not be returning to Boston. Was very upset to hear that news. We love you in Boston and you will always be a Bruin to us. Thanks for being part of the team and being a part of the Stanley Cup Champions in 2011. I have been a Bruins fan since I was very small. Enjoyed every moment of the Stanley Cup run in 2011 and was there for the parade with my daughter Paige. Enjoyed this year as well – and wished there had been a game 7. God bless you and your family and all you did for the city of Boston! Thank you, Thank you.

  5. Shirley

    Welcome to Edmonton Krista and girls and welcome back Andrew. It is great to know that Edmonton native is back and our team Captain. Our Daughter whom is in Novice level Hockey is very thrilled you are here since she found out that Andrew is a defencemen and #21. As She is also Defence and #21. Our team has the team take turns being Captain and she got to be the first person to be Captain ( and only girl on our team). Once again welcome to Edmonton.

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