Robert Griffin’s wife Rebecca Liddicoat


  1. Bessie

    I cannot believe that he could find a pretty Black girl to date and subsequently marry. All the White girls want to do is “hook-up” with a Black Superstar for the money. After about 6-7 years she will probably leave him. She may be like Herschel Walker’s wife; she would not even bear a child for him and divorced him after he was no longer in the spotlight.

  2. wakywaky

    Has any of you out there commenting ever thought that maybe Robert and Rebecca’s Christain-spirtual goals are on the same page? The young lady “is” attractive, she’s just not over exposing herself and not painting herself up like a hooker-n-heat! I happened to notice the length of her dresses and the somewhat conservative style of her overall attire and that of the girls she’s shown in photos with. So for you “Black male star going after the white trophy girl” hounds, maybe you should find out who he was dating before and why that relationship turned out so bad for him. The guy graduated HS at 17, got his BA in 3 years and is going to get his masters in 5. He’s reportedly been very active doing community service work, alone with being a multi-sport superstar. That tells me that he didn’t have much time to do a lot of date-social partying, so unless his former girlfriend is as devout a Christian as he seems to be, she was most likely not feeling his lifestyle and that feeling would most certainly apply to most black honeys. Get the whole back-story and then make your comment!

  3. Jazzman454me

    Congrats to Robert and Rebecca,you are one classy guy and has one classy young lady to share the rest of you life with. I’m glad you have found someone who loves you just as must as you love her,I have been in a long distance thing myself for almost 4 years,she’s of mix race,but we love each other and that’s what counts.She a great christian and so am I and it gets frustrating with the long distance,but I love her and she loves me.may GOD BLESS YOU and your beautiful lady,I wish you 2 the best.P.S.I think Luck is great,but I think my Colts should pick you as #1.

  4. Thrilla

    @Bessie: In fact, Herschel Walker and his have an 11-year old son named Christian. They reportedly divorced, after 12 years, because of his mental illness.

    @wakyway: is your statement,”she was most likely not feeling his lifestyle and that feeling would most certainly apply to most black honeys” meant to imply that most black women are not practicing Christians? That’s a sweeping and silly statement, indicating you have little knowledge of African-American spirituality.

    That is all.

  5. Anonymous

    I’m black and I hate when people make things about white and black. He apparently proposed because he loves her and I believe she loves him too. Some people should just stop being haters. If you don’t have anything positive to say, just shut up and stop being bitter about it. After all, we are all humans, just different complexion so people should just shut. I’m pretty sure she supported him to get to where he is and now people want to make it seem like she’s with him for the money…congrats brother and wish you all the best in your marriage and NFL career!

  6. steven akinbohun

    The first comment was ignorant. Ypu dont know anything about this woman bessie but let me give you a hint i myself am tired od the attitude and meaness i have seen in all the black women i have seen. Now i want someone outside my race. But having said that it is none of our bysiness pray for his marriage to work. Plus he seems to be a little different and lets face it most sisters would not date him if he wasn’t an athlete he is not cool enough for them, but he is cool now because he is going to be rich. Rg enjoy your future wife brother she looks like a wholesome woman. They aay he who finds a wife finds a treasure im happy foyou

  7. Annoyed

    Waky Waky,
    Your comment is WACKY. Unless you know several Black females and have polled them to validate your comments– your input makes no sense. Please keep your opinions to yourself when trying to speak of a group of individuals who you obviously know very little about!

    AND by the way… Referring to Black women as “Black Honeys” is offensive.

  8. Clarissa

    It’s not that I’m hating. After all I will want to be as lucky as her. But here is the thing, I feel that most rich or potential rich black men who date or marry white ladies lack a certain kind of confidence in them. While the white ladies in turn are after the fame and money, as well as intrigued with the idea of being with a popular strong black man. Didn’t feel so thrilled seeing most of the mixed or black players being picked with a white girlfriend/wife. Indirectly they are telling us we aint it. I wish black ladies can read the message. Our guys don’t think we are worth it. If it’s true love why can’t we see more rich white guys with black ladies? We’ve been let down big time smh.

  9. Carolyn

    That dress she had on that was skin tight and short was not sweet and modest. As for the young lady who called him out, she’s a 100% correct. Since you say love has no color, show me 5 white athletes with black wives. You won’t, its called pride in who and what you are and bringing home to mom what she looks like. White woman know easy targets when they see one and this one is already coming off as a grin idiot.

  10. #WhyDoWomenHate

    All I see is a bunch of women hating for no reason. If he wasn’t a pro athlete you wouldn’t care about who he was with.

    Pigeonholing people ain’t right. One could say all a black woman would do is pull him down. I wouldn’t say that about Black women as it would disrespect my mother.

    I’m in an interracial marriage for several years and my mother was thrilled I found a girl who made me happy. Instantly accepted her. If his mother can deal with it you haters have no damn reason not to!

  11. Bill

    Hey we live in America, where we can date whoever we want to. White, black, brown,or yellow we are all the same. If you are confident enough, try dating someone outside your race and you’ll see we are all pretty much looking for the same thing: love, commitment and someone you can share your life with. Life is too short move on!!

  12. Will

    Seriously? It’s 2012. We have a mixed race President. Can we finally get over the whole race issue? You marry who you feel fits you from a personality standpoint. In Robert Griffin’s case the girl who fits him just happens to be White. But ultimately who cares?

    The focus of our society on celebrity culture is at an all time high, and the people who sit there at their keyboards playing tough with their comments have no clue what this kid’s life was like or how hard he had to work to get to where he is now. Instead they sit there spewing hate because they have nothing going on for themselves.

  13. Anonymous

    I am glad that black men are marring outside their race. It means that I(a Black women) am free.

    Black men sleep white, but when they are in “sticky” situations, the look for “sister mama”, to get them out of trouble…in the court room, on the street, in everyday life,etc…

    I no longer have to favor the Black men over other races of men, just because they are Black. I wish more black women would follow suit….

  14. Jerome

    Truth is, it’s common for white men to be with white woman. Similarly it is common for white athletes to be with a white women. It’s common for black men to be with black women in normal circumstances but for some reason things change when black men become athletes.

    So there is definitely something amiss.

    And this wakywaky nonsense about “spiritual” whatever is just that: nonsense. RG3 has his pick of black women–PhDs, Masters, models, anything. There are more than enough successful black Christian women. All RG3 has to do now is show some interest. Instead he’s chosen a college Becky who isn’t particularly good-looking and has nothing to her name. Black men don’t date outside the race nearly as much as black athletes do, especially when they are tall and can get good-looking black women, so there is a confounding variable — lack of pride or perverse perception or self hate–which influences black athletes to act differently.

    Say what you want but the truth is the truth, and it’s a damn shame.

  15. I Love

    I am interested in RG111 staying blessed and healthy. We love football and great to see an intelligent Black man playing. This guy has spent most of his life around many different races of people, Baylor, what do you think? Black girls better find their way to getting a quality education, stop focusing on nails and hair as first priority, trust God and the sky is the limit.

  16. Karen

    Congratulations to RG3 and Rebecca. I am happy for the both of them. We are in the 21st century and people. Whethr you’re an athlete or sales clerk, date and love who you want. People are people and Christians, especially, need to practice what they preach.

  17. M

    You do realize Herschel Walker has a son by his ex wife. Your point being nullified. Also you sound jealous and insecure which means your daughters probably all will date black guys. I knw plenty of white girls who will have sex and hang with black dudes but won’t date them in public. That’s worse because hiding something means you desire it the most.

  18. DCW

    My only thought was “gee, she is petite”. Anybody know how tall she is? As for white men/black women; Bowie/Iman, William Cohen/Janet Langhart, Thicke/Patton, etc.

  19. Jojo

    So why aren’t black women good enought for black men??? MEDIA! Its all about status and sex pure and simple but women don’t understand that. Women want money but are also blindly idealistic and that isn’t what men want. If she was flat chested would she be getting that money?

  20. Jojo

    She wants security. He wants that nice sexy thing on his arm. Media promotes that for what ever reason but they don’t promote black women or many other classy things in life. Black men with white women are a product that sells in tv and advertising, and pornography. Black women for all their beautiful ways are just not seen to be trophys to shallow athletes. Just read the acolades of other black men who praise Griffin. Its too bad for black women and even the black race but image and sex are everything to a younge guy.

  21. Orenthal

    He claims he loves her and that may be true but how come his parents didn’t sit with her during those college and NFL games? How come she didn’t sit with them at the Heisman Trophy ceremony?

    Come on now, people. RG3 and his daddy like to portray the Black Brady Bunch type of family but they ain’t fooling nobody.

    RG3 been “engaged” to Ms. Becky for how long now??? Do the math folks. RG3 done come to DC and found himself some high powered PhD women, lawyers, businesswomen and all of a sudden, that marriage thing is on hold.

  22. Historically

    I am very proud of Robert Griffin 111. He did a phenomenal job his first year as a quarterback. However, as an African American female, I feel and understand what the black female is feeling. This dates all the way back to slavery and the so called “forbidden” fruit syndrome. The white man has always had his way with the African American female. She worked in the Kitchen by day and at night time she worked at something else such procreating a light skinned family for her master.However, our African American brothers and husbands were not allowed to touch the Caucasian female. Today, most black male and particularly our black athletes with all their wealth and money are choosing white females. ESPN had a story last year of a white athlete that played at Kentucky who wanted to marry his black girlfriend. He stated that the University constantly badgered and harassed him that he was only to pick out a white female to marry. He stated that even the black athletes were told to choose a white female to date and marry. So this is perpetuated at the college and the University levels also to athletes that are going to go professional and make millions and millions of dollars. Therefore, leaving a large number of African American females out the picture.
    It is disheartening, because you will never see Payton Manning and his brother, Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Flacco, Russell Wilson, and any of those guys every step out in public with an African American Female as a mate or wife. Howvever, I would like to give my shout out to Dirk Nowitz of the Dallas Mavericks for stepping outside the color line.

  23. Anonymous

    Robert and Rebekah met and fell in love at Baylor during his freshman year. She did not chase him cuz he was a famous athlete. No one knew who he was then. And they met on a blind date. So give it a rest on all that hate and so unfairly judging both of them on their motives for being together. Geez. They fell in love because of who they were as people not because of race. All you racists are just so stupid and shallow. I would be embarrassed to even say something so shallow. Some of you ppl are just so sad.

  24. godgrundy

    Does she work? Has she ever had a job. They both went to Baylor (great school) but I find nothing on her career. Does anyone know?

  25. mack


  26. Ghost

    Black women are very IGNORANT and you can tell by the comments on this site. Black women are angry that this white women did not have a hard time finding a black man while black women have to sit at home crying and watching waiting to exhale because they are single. If black women would change how they act then more black men would date them. Any time you read a comment from a black women that says black guys that date out lack confidence means that she is a jealous black women who thinks that guys are dating out because of skin color. Black women on here just keep making black women look bad. If you do not like what you see then don’t make any comments.

    Black women make themselves look bad on tv. If you watch shows like the maury show you see black women acting ignorant. If you watch VH1 you see black women fighting and acting ignorant. It is black women who make other black women look bad not the white media. Get it together black women. If your men have a problem with the way you act then change.

  27. morrow

    I would sure like to know how his parents reacted to this. This young guy hasn’t had a chance to enjoy his early career to date some black women. To make matters worst, she,s not attractive one bit. I just don’t get it that these black guys can’t see the beauty in their own women. Like that John Legion’s wife, she is not good looking at all, in fact she is ugly to me.

  28. BBA

    It’s amazing to me how many haters have commented on this site. He has a right to date whomever he wishes no matter what race she is. I’ve always believed in be with who you love, not who everyone else loves for you. Btw, some of you should look in the mirror, and I guarantee beauty would not be looking BACK at you even though beauty isn’t everything. Also, Jerome, your comments made be laugh not because they were funny, but because they were some of the most despicable words I’ve ever seen. Stop hating on athletes because I’m sure one of them took your girlfriend. I happen to be a black athlete that married my high school sweetheart(black) because I love her, not because she’s black. The color of her skin didn’t factor into it. Grow up and get a damn life people!!!!!

  29. peteey

    Hey Congrats to a good man finding a good woman..He didn’t limit himself to color but because he fell in love.If anyone wants to be happy in Life ,loose your limits and find whatever makes you happy .I`m 52 and Black and don`t give a Damn if anyone likes it or not ,as long as I`m Happy.People open your Eyes..Life is too short to live by some else standards..

  30. Ash

    I swear to God black women are the most racist scum on the planet. You should be ASHAMED of yourselves with your blatantly RACIST remarks. Maybe look in the mirror and you’ll see why all “YOUR” black men are looking outside their race…. Common sense tells you there’s a common denominator!!

  31. ucan'thandlethetruth


  32. Beach Bum


    BLACK WOMEN are “the most racist ascum on earth?” How many people have BLACK WOMEN lynched because of the color of their skin? How many peiople have BLACK WOMEN shot and killed based on skin color+ How many people have BLACK WOMEN falsely accused, falsely prosecuted and falselu imprisoned due to their skin color? You are full of sh!t! STop trying to re-write the past, present and future! Commenting about someone’s dubious marital decision does not make one a racist! GTFOHWTB!!!!!

  33. handsomerandyblackladdiebrad1953

    Another STUPID thread about interracial marriage!!!!!!(Who thought of THIS topic,Rob Parker?) Robbie and Becky are a happy ouple,so WHO WITH A HIGHHER-THAN-ROOM-TEMPERTURE IQ CARES THAT HE’S BLACK AND SHE’S WHITE? Oh,yeah:Fugly black women,ugly Bubbas,Billy Bobs and other Confederate Flag-wearing-flying,three-teethed ‘necks who can’t tie their shoelaces!!!!!!Oh,and “Black Nationalist” hypocrites and phonies!!!!!)

  34. Guest Star

    (Sigh). So much for “Robbie and Becky (apropos) are a happy ouple.” Got the ring, got the kid – now time to get the MONEY! And like Tiger’s ex, now that BECKY has her own money (courtesy of RG Idiot Idiot Idiot) she is now free to couple up with a white dude. So predictable…

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