Rex Grossman’s wife Alison Grossman


  1. Victor

    it would be. The Bengals were not great, sattred well, then sattred to fall appart, but then held it togther to come back and win. Or more realistically the Browns sattred bad, pulled it together then fell appart at the end. Both teams played inconsistant, and played like a team learning a new system with a lot of young players should play. The positive for me was the way the Bengals did pull it togther at the end and the fact that they were able to keep the penalties down. Look, the Bengals dominated thier division a couple of years ago with an ugly smash mouth offense and really good defensive play. They had a few great come back drives and one really great SD game out of Palmer, but the rest of the time he was about as bad as any QB in the league. So, if the Defense can pull it together, I think the Bengals have a chance to be better than they were 2 years ago, but they can’t rely on Dalton or Gradkowski to consistantly put together game winning 2 minute drill drives. I don’t expect them to go 11-5 or 10-6, but 6 or more wins isn’t out of the question and would be a pleasant surprise for most fans.

  2. Richard J Mitchell II

    I would like to see your husband be the backup to my favorite team. Dallas. You two look very happy, and I wish you both the best. Have a great Christmas.

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