Kirk Cousins wife Julie Hampton

The life of a backup quarterback is pretty sweet. Nice paycheck, no pressure, your starts come in meaningless games where fans are more than OK with losing, and yet you still get all the off field benefits. In addition to living in a cool city with plenty of action, the backup QB gig is a pretty good gig. And in DC, Kirk Cousins girlfriend, and soon to be Kirk Cousins wife Julie Hampton are excellent examples of the perks of being a backup.

Cousins has embraced life in DC, despite not getting the starting nod till the end of his second season with the Redskins. After a year and a half of dating, Cousins was ready to ask Hampton to marry him. Considering how the two have enjoyed their time in the city, Kirk chose the DC landscape to be a part of the proposal story. Cousins contacted the Congressman from his hometown in Western Michigan to help arrange a perfect location overlooking the National Mall. In an interview with the Washington Post, Cousins explained his thought process:

I called him [Huizenga] to see if I could propose on the balcony of the Speaker of the House’s office, because I had been there before and seen the view and thought it was a great view. He said they could set it up... The view was great. We were trying to get it at about 5 o’clock, when the sun was setting, but it was a cloudy day, so we didn’t really get the sunset. The scaffolding was still on the monument, but I couldn’t do a whole lot about the scaffolding. I couldn’t pull some strings on that one. Couldn’t pull some strings on the sunset. There were two big cranes in the background. I would have liked to have those removed.

The couple is not interested in a lengthy engagement, with a June 2014 date already set in Hampton's hometown of Atlanta. Depending on how his audition goes with the Redskins for the final 3 games of 2013, Cousins may be the franchise QB for a new team. Best of luck to the couple.

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4 Responses to “Kirk Cousins wife Julie Hampton”

  1. Rebecca

    Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness.

  2. Mike Paul

    Julie I am a pitching Coach that trained your husband and his brother at Elite baseball training a few years back. Kirk stood on my mound one evening as I was training him and declared he was going to be a College quarterback . He was young yet he was confident in what he said. To see where God and his talent has brought him is a great testament to the power of having a plan and executing it. I have many athletes that tell me that they want to play for the Newyork Yankees . My response is that is a great dream how are you going to get there? Kirk found a way to get there. Even tho his pursuit was not to be a major league pitcher he gave me his full attention and worked hard. The same dedication that has brought him to the pinicale of his sport. My partner and I have discussed Kirk many times over the years and my thoughts are always the same. Kirk believed and he achieved because he was willing first to trust God and to put in the work. I know his patience must be being tried while waiting to become a starting QB in the NFL. Tell him coach Paul said make the same faith filled confession "Iam going to be a starting QB in the NFL " then continue to do the work. I will be watching as he takes the field in the starting role........
    God Bless
    Mike Paul
    Elite baseball Grand Rapids Michigan

  3. Ann Davis Spitler

    THANK YOU. You and your husband were eating dinner at Joe's Inn, Richmond, VA on Aug. 3, 2014. My 10 year old nephew, Wil Davis, was there with his mother and aunt. Wil asked for Kirk's autograph and he gave it to him, quoting Proverbs 3:5-6 and saying he would pray for him. My precious Wil has a rare cancer for which he is being treated. He LOVES the Redskins..........What a special man you married ! Good luck to you both.

  4. Sam

    Kirk's wife looks like the hot girl next door type. Good luck to both of them.