Case Keenum’s wife Kimberly Keenum


  1. William Johnson

    Why was it relevant that Both Case and his wife was Virgins at Marriage, because it shows the type of Good Character he and she has, how many of US MYSLEF included can say that. I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of what this young man can do as a QB, he will only get BETTER as he plays more, and he’s already awesome….. Now if we can correct our Kicker Problem we might start WINNING GAMES AGAIN

  2. Elaine Mikkelsen

    I saw Case interview on Fox sports after the game. I liked him immediately! After reading about him on Google, I saw why I thought so highly of him! A man with principles and an adorable wife too! Anyone who has a sweet tooth, is my kind of guy!!

  3. Guest Star

    (Sigh). “…in the eye of the beholder…”

    MUCH RESPECT to a man who stands by his principles and recognizes the inherent value in marrying someone who shares similar interests, backgrounds, etc. Are you paying attention, Black athletes? Ignore those ‘exotic’ IG gold-diggers and get with someone from YOUR background that values family, education, etc.

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