Jake Locker’s wife Lauren Greer


  1. Taylor

    Lauren is not Hot in person, saw her at a game, but I mean where he went to college…There were Noooo Decent looking girls, so lauren would be considered pretty there. I would say she is cute, but with that contract he could of gotten a way prettier chick.

  2. bucky

    In my sixty two years of looking at women it looks to.me that jake is a lucky man. I’m a fan of his, Android Android impressed with his accomplishments. I think jake has it all

  3. steve

    Lauren, people’s comments on looks are not warrantied. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I just heard Jake retired just now. I have lived here in Washington my whole life and live in Ferndale. Since then I’ve followed Jake and he is one of most favorite Huskies! I have also met and talked with his dad Scott. You have a great man and proud of your accomplishments too! I wish nothing but the best for you and your family! Take care of Jake!
    PS, we adopted a cat from whatcom humane society on their grand opening and named him Jake! We love him as much as we love Jake Locker! Our hometown hero forever. Your friend, Steve

  4. steve

    Tell Jake I followed his career from high school, college and pros.
    Most proud of all his accomplishments but most important is family which I agree. Money does not buy happiness! Love does! Wish you and your family the best. Go Dawgs!

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