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The new starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers brings a whole new feel to the Bucs offense. And with the new feel to the Bucs offense, Mike Glennon's girlfriend Jess Wetherill brings a whole new feel to the Wives & Girlfriends section at Raymond James Stadium.

Glennon and Wetherill met while attending NC State, where Mike Glennon took over for a thus far successful NFL QB, Russell Wilson (before Wilson transferred to Wisconsin). Wetherill, who originally hails from Raleigh, NC, has since made the move to Tampa to be with Glennon.

There's not a whole lot known about Jess Wetherill, but Glennon isn't afraid to let the world know about her, often times publicly showing her off (justifiably so), with pictures on Twitter (like most 24 year olds do). Sports Illustrated recounts a story where Mike attempted to do a Jersey Turnpike while dancing at a bar, only to have him hip check Jess to the ground where she explained, "I hit my head and got a concussion."

Beyond that, not a whole lot more is known. We will admit to being fans of her Twitter bio, "its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring" Yup, we buy it.

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