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Greg Schiano's wife Christy Schiano

How long will he last?

That has to be the question every fan in Tampa Bay and around the NFL is asking about Greg Schiano's tenure with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As most of you already know, the track record of college to NFL coaches is not very good, especially recently. Nick Saban couldn't cut it in Miami and Bobby Petrino crawled his way back to the college game after a whopping 13 games with the Atlanta Falcons. Even the ones that stick around for a bit tend to not have much luck (All Seahawk fans are shaking their head in agreement).

So what makes Greg Schiano different? What makes him the one that will not only stick in the NFL but also win? Time will only tell on that question but right now Greg is building the Tampa Bay Bucs in the only fashion he knows how, with hard work and long hours. Luckily for Greg he has family to fall back on.

Greg Scchiano is married to Christy Schiano, formerly Christy Mitchell. The couple hasfour kids, Joey, John, Matt, and Katie. You could actually make the case that Greg, Christy and the four kids have another family member in Eric LeGrand. For those not familiar with Eric, he was a player at Rutgers under Schiano who hurt himself in a game and is now paralyzed. Greg and Eric, along with all of Greg's family, became tight in the trying months after the injury. When Greg sat down to discuss the Tampa job with his family one of the questions the kids had was what would happen with Eric? Well turns out Greg had a plan. Eric was signed by the Bucs and retired a Buc so he could fulfill his dream of being on an NFL team. Eric will also be a common visitor to the Schiano household anytime he comes down to the Tampa area.

As for Greg and Christy they met while both attended Bucknell (Greg class of '88 and Christy class of '90). During their time at Rutgers Greg and Christy made many contributions to the community, including a $250,000 donation to the Rutgers Future Scholars Program.

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