Sam Bradford’s girlfriend Kelsey Kurtz


  1. haley

    just to tell {miss kelsey} im going to be mrs bradford so stay away from my futer husban he is sssssssssssssooooooooooooo hot i know but stay away from him he is mine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jake

    His secret is that he was really disappointed when the Rams drafted him. But then again it’s no secret. Most people would not want to play for the Rams either.

  3. Shelly Belly

    Haley if ur not famous, a hot cheerleader or have money dream on sister.. have u seen the grl i can not confirm rather they are getting married or even currently dating. if ur average u not gonna get lucky. the lil grl that a co worker brought her marry me Brad sign to Brad to sign is such a laugh to me. I think she crying cause she did such a crap job on the sign. tears of embrassment. Prob why the co worker/employee brough the sign to him.. hahaha.. i think its so funny average ppl are so obsessed with famous ppl that can careless about seeing a cheap non effort sign let alone for them to be obsessed with them.
    Anon u obviously know no secret he been keeping as u cant post what it is? and after all who are u to know his secrets anyways. if u knew a secret all his fans would know which would make it not a secret.. just a FYI!
    Jake I am sure it a privlage to get paid that amount of money to throw, run, catch a ball no matter what team one is on.. a little jealous maybe?
    Andrew they know no secrets like i stated if they knew a secret all his fans would know making it no longer a secret..
    the only reason I am searching any info is to finish my comment of FB about the young not so pretty at all marry me sign that an employee felt so bad she feel off the ugly tree and had to bring it to Brad. otherwise he sure the hell wouldnt of notice after being with the hot Kelsey Kurtz. if he ended that relationship it shows he not as good at picking women as he is at football… lmfao!
    Now the real question regarding the article was rather he is or not with Kelsey? not rather a random crazy fan thinks he knows Brad well enough to know his secrets!
    I hate football. i think its so funny how fans of one time will hate on the team that whoops the favs team butt! its a sport. ur not the one getting paid to play. ur probally one of those drunken fans that starts fights at the games cause ur team sucks..

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