The Quiet Relationship History of Marshawn Lynch


  1. Anonymous

    Marshawn Lynch is not into no one woman,he is a good old sweetheart in the bedand to all the womens in the world let us share this good lovin that we are getting from the beast it not about Charmaine or skky or any other woman but all of

  2. WooWoo

    Leave the man alone. He needs to prove himself to no one. Lets enjoy him for what we know of him (football). Real women appreciate that in a man

  3. Kat

    Will know who or who he doesn’t date make a difference, appreciate the man and what he does and brings to Seattle! Go Marshawn!
    A football fan :)

  4. Sasha

    Shawn is still young lol. He is enjoying life. He has played football for yrs I’m happy for him. Single life Solid One. He ain’t in no bootc Committed relationship shit I feel um these Hoes be for every body

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