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Pete Carroll's wife Glena Carroll



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Pete Carroll's wife Glena Carroll graduated from Pacific University where she was a volleyball player. It was also at Pacific U where Glena met future husband Pete Carroll. The pair were eventually married and now they have three children; sons Brennan, 31, and Nate, 23, and daughter Jamie, 28.

It's weird writing about children of people featured on this site that are this old, even for a coach. It's sometimes difficult to believe that youthful looking Pete is actually pushing 60, but in a surprising reminder, Pete and Glena are also grandparents to one grandchild.

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6 Responses to “Pete Carroll's wife Glena Carroll”

  1. Jeff King

    She is beautiful and tall.

  2. Verna Hayashi

    She is beautiful and awesome.....Heard from Kimo that she also knows soooo much about football..I sure would like to meet her in person and Pete...That would be a dream come true...

    Aloha, Verna

  3. Pete Barone

    My wife & I are very glad that your husband Pete came to the Northwest. We also pray that he can pull off a upset in this Super Bowl. My wife is a 2 time cancer patient & she loves the Seahawks & your Husband. May god be with them. God Bless you & yours.

  4. ed ponessa

    Hi Mrs. Carroll,

    I met Pete back in 2003 while he was walking to a USC practice. He stopped and had his picture taken with myself, my wife and daughter. I'd like to send him a Hershey's Chocolate Bar in celebration of his Super Bowl victory. But how. Thanks.

  5. kay barchus

    What a nice man Seattle has for a coach. The two of you make a handsome couple.
    It takes a very understanding wife to share him with the team and Wa state fams.
    All that and he is handsome too.

  6. Not Impressed

    What a dirty old dog Pete Carrol is robbing the cradle!!!

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