Marshawn Lynch’s girlfriend Charmaine Glock


  1. Tony Merriwether

    Marshawn, are you sure you want to introduce this young lady to your Mom Dukes. There is no mystery to her. She had to do what she deemed best for her to make it. Nooooooooooooo good, Marshawm, much luck on this endeavor of your life.


    well the way i see it , WHO GIVES A FLICK WHAT THE MAN DOES . as long as he helps keep the LOMBARDI trophy in my 206 ha with all the fines and bullying he is dealing with, not saying he isnt planting a seed for future personel profits . the man has alot on his plate right now (like 7 defensive lineman on his back ha) dont dare judge him the timing to have him and KING Wilson at the same time took us fans from a 0 to a hero in a matter of a couple games changed everybodys attitude within the region on life cuz believe it or not but football IS LIFE ” i could metaphoriclly symbolize the two all day long IM JUST SAYING………………………………………………….

  3. Jan

    Stop acting like a tramp!U r not special! Many pretty, talented, and EDUCATED,young women out there!Spend his money to get breast implants and dental work! Did u finish High School? Probably not!

  4. kyndra

    wow. gold digger by far. unless she was with him before he was in the NFL. she only stayed with him for his money. duh

  5. doobie debbie

    Marshawn is beastmode i love him for that and he has a good head on his shoulders what ever you do in life we supot you god bless you and your family and good luck we will miss you if you go but you will always be in are hearts. # 1 fan. Debbie P.

  6. Anonymous

    I really don’t think that she is anything to him.there are alot of women out here that love marshwn mama first .so wait in line go hawks.

  7. Anonymous

    She almost looks Asian and tougher than spike nails which makes it the smartest choice he’s made… The best of it is she can take anything beast mode brings to the table which is essential for him… You know how hard it is to find an African-American that is also Asian!!! And maybe in some cases over 50? Truthfully someone should be paying them to make babies… And are they together? The face and look in the eyes says a lot…

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