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Golden Tate's girlfriend Elise Pollard



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UPDATE 03/13/2014: It's one thing to welcome the player. It's one thing to welcome the family. But Matthew Stafford's girlfriend Kelly Hall went out of her way to welcome new Detroit receiver Golden Tate's girlfriend Elise Pollard to Detroit City.

After Golden Tate signed with the Lions and gave Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson the reliable number 2 receiver they've desperately needed, Stafford's girlfriend Kelly Hall took to Instagram to announce her excitement with the signing:

Pumped to have golden Tate..But probably more excited to have his girlfriend! #oowieoowieM

So there's romances, and bromances. What is this? WAGmance? That sounds dumb. I'm ending this update.

Most of the world never heard of Golden Tate before last night (OK, Notre Dame fans, Seahawks fans, guys who like to drunkenly steal Maple Bars, and fantasy football sleeper junkies have heard of him). Golden Tate entered the national landscape last night with the catch that probably wasn't against the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football. Tate was credited with the game winning TD catch, though most replays seem to indicate he didn't actually come down with the ball.

You all know the catch. And after the game, Golden Tate's girlfriend Elisa Pollard took to Twitter to brag about the catch and show off the game ball. Pollard tweeted the pic on the right as well as the saying, "Soo freaking happy 4 my baby! Both game balls!! Came out and dropped those 4 the hugs & kisses Love you!”

Elise Pollard is understandably supportive of Tate, and has many tweets showing Seahawk love and support. It's not clear how long Tate and Pollard have been together for, and there's very little information about her otherwise.

Tate has since been put in the uncomfortable position of trying to defend his catch, and the replacement referees. Tate took to Twitter to address some of the hate he'd receive and also argue his side: "Anyone want some entertainment , read my mentions. The refs made the call not me. I did my job and competed for the ball."

What else was the kid supposed to say here? "Hell no I didn't make that catch. I also shoved a dude in fromt of me!" Props to Tate for handling this as well as someone could expect him to.

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8 Responses to “Golden Tate's girlfriend Elise Pollard”

  1. Anne

    It's just seem funny how most black pro athletes end up with a white woman but before becoming famous they dated black girls

  2. daniel

    Yeah attaining a white woman makes them feel like they made it in life.

  3. Not Impressed

    His white girlfriend isn't pretty. But with a scrub like Golden Tate beggars can't be choosers. Not an attractive couple by any means. Both of them look worn out & stale. Guess it works for two used car lots coming together.

  4. Guy2

    Jealous much?? Anne how do you know who or what color these "black" athletes date b4 being famous? I bet all three of you bums work minimum wage jobs and have ugly significant others.. Hate on, while these "black" guys are making millions, you're showing just how pathetic your lives are by bitching about what they have and you don't. Hahahahahaha

  5. No

    99 percent of black athletes date black women. Fact. Don't be fooled by what you see on TV or in the media. Trust.

  6. NoGood

    The same white woman who engaged in threesome with Golden Tate and Russell Wilson's now EX wife…so HAPPY that Russell didn't continue with his scheming, trashy white woman.

  7. Chad

    I agree with Anne. I guess, I find it interesting that professional athletes do seek and marry white women. The bottom line is that black men have always had low self esteem and lack of self love. This cames primarily due to slavery (lack of education, job opportunities, discrimination, etc.). So marrying white women (most suitable according to our culture) probably eases the pain of inadequacy. Sadly, alot of these interracial marriages do not survive (and the women are abused!):
    "interracial marriages that are most vulnerable involve White females and non-White males" - 2008 study by Jenifer L. Bratter and Rosalind B. King

    I wonder why??!! Just a few years ago, white women would not have wanted anything to do with a black man, but wait!! There is more..... now that he has a few dollars, they are now interested. I think the black men get what they deserve (ha, ha, he, he).

    I am a black man and was raised by strong black parents who taught me how to love myself and my community. Being genuine and loving you for you is the very best! You will only attract people who love you for you (all your flaws).

    Now, do not get me wrong, I have no problems with interracial marriages. I have friends who are involved in genuine relationships based on love, trust, respect, etc. I am referring to the black men who consistently seek and marry ONLY white women (you know who you are), look in the mirror and start loving yourself. Love and accept your blackness! God did not make a mistake.

  8. Beach Bum

    Preach, Chad!

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