Patrick Willis’ girlfriend Shenae Saifi


  1. Kim

    God bless this couple…I wish all athletes were able to do it the proper way, like Patrick. Congrats to him & Shanae…beautiful couple. Glad they choose God way & not the usual these days…Sorry people martial status is how families should be cultivated. Big ups to Patrick, best wishes to them & they will be blessed. & great role model. I’m a die hard 9er fan…we got this Super Bowl… Go 9ers!

  2. mike

    They’re all “ho’s” until they are made honest or find somebody worth changing their lifestyle for. Some of them are “ho’s” for a lifetime. That’s another breed.

  3. NoGood

    Please don’t consider the white woman a “ho'”…she’s too NICE and pure for that lowly title…it’s a shame!

  4. fred sanford

    Not a chance in hell she would look at that ugly man twice if he was an ordinary dude. Gold digger. I cant understand. She could get a Great looking guy with cash

  5. Beach Bum


    White women can’t be ‘hoes?’ Why not? If the definition of a ‘ho’ is a woman who sleeps with men solely for financial rewards, then ANYONE fitting that description deserves that title. Why would a particular race be excluded if the description fits?

  6. Vonnie V.

    There are ho’s of any nationality, race, ethnicity…..that includes gold diggers, people write the stupidest, most ignorant shit online. Most people are just jealous and insecure when all they have to say is negative stuff.

  7. Alex Whitby

    She’s not a white chick. She’s Pakistani. She’s BROWN. Jesus, you white people try to claim everything good for yourselves.

  8. Jasonnn

    fred sanford,

    I’m no homo but Willis is not an ugly dude lol. You need to stop hating and get own your sh*t together.

  9. Beach Bum

    Amazing how this site’s admins fawn over non-Black women – especially if paired with a Black athlete – but don’t offer similar props to Black WAGS. No one should be forced to acknowledge another race’s beauty but stop trying to convince us that non-Black WAGS are a great/better choice.

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